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“You, brother, try to respect them at least a little”: the Russian Ambassador to Turkey gave advice to tourists

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Alexey Erkhov listed the problems that imprudent and careless tourists face in Turkey, and also gave a number of tips.

“Take care of yourself and buy at least the simplest insurance,” the diplomat urged. IN interview He gave RIA Novosti an example. The Russian arrived in Turkey without a policy and after a while the man felt unwell. The clinic diagnosed hepatic coma, liver cirrhosis and hepatitis C. As a result, the man ended up in the intensive care unit and received a “literally astronomical” bill for services. Relatives are forced to pay, and the amount is growing every day.

Another example. Last summer it turned out that several dozen children who were evicted from a hotel for non-payment were sent to Turkey by the company “Kolibri-tour MSK”, which did not have the right to export organized groups abroad. She was not registered as a tour operator, and none of the parents checked this before purchasing the tour. “The children ended up on the street, while the company and its employees did not behave quite adequately, and our diplomats from the Consulate General in Antalya had to take upon themselves the placement and control of the children’s stay in Turkey and their departure to Russia,” Erkhov said. He urged parents “not to be lazy” and check who they trust with their offspring: “Your children!”

Let us add from the editors that it was not diplomats who took part in the fate of schoolchildren during last year’s scandal, but parents: the majority purchased return tickets or paid for their accommodation themselves.

Alexey Erkhov also advised those who come to Turkey “not to run into trouble.” Many compatriots provide services illegally, without permits: from taxis to real estate. “And in Russia you can easily get ripped off, but here you are not at home. You will receive increased attention from local residents. And therefore, you should be doubly strict about your behavior,” the ambassador said.

He concluded his interview with a call to respect local customs. According to Erkhov, Vladimir Vysotsky has a wonderful phrase, as a person was instructed before going abroad: “You, brother, try to respect them at least a little.” The diplomat asked the Russians to respect the people and laws of the country: “And then the hosts will fully respond to you with their traditional Turkish hospitality.”

Without questioning the essence of Alexey Erkhov’s advice, observers considered the style not entirely suitable for a diplomat. “You can immediately sense an intellectual,” says one of the subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of TurDom” ironically. They agree with her: “We have finally switched to thieves’ jargon.”

Source: Tourdom



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