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You can apply for Schengen from home: mobile biometrics have been resumed at the Spanish visa center

The Spanish Visa Application Center has once again made mobile biometrics available. You can apply for a visa from your home or office. About it reports
BLS CC website.

To receive this service, a Russian applying for a Schengen visa can pre-register on the portal. A visa center employee will arrive at the address indicated by the citizen with special equipment for taking fingerprints. A visa application and other documents will be accepted right at the tourist’s home, and biometric data will be collected.

Notifications about the status of consideration of the application will be sent to the applicant’s phone number. And when the entry permit is ready, the visa service courier will bring the passport to the customer.

According to information from the website of the Spanish visa center, the mobile biometrics service for one person costs 11.4 thousand rubles, if there are two applicants – 20.5 thousand rubles. for two, for a family of three – 29 thousand. At the same time, for children under 12 years old there is a preferential rate – 2773 rubles.

Now in the Moscow consular district work There are already five branches of the Spanish visa center: in addition to Moscow, in Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod. In addition, there is a branch in St. Petersburg. The Visa Center of Spain has finally removed from its website information about the visa center in the non-existent city of Voronezhelsk. Back in October 2023, Russians were offered to apply for a visa at this point.

TourDom.ru previously reported that the Spanish VC no longer accepts applicants without an appointment. Those wishing to apply for a visa will have to look for a free slot for online registration. As tourists say, there are no problems with places. Spanish visa officers issue Schengen visas more quickly than visa officers from other countries.

Source: Tourdom



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