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“You didn’t fly with us”: a tourist lost her luggage and tickets due to an error in the system

“We didn’t bring your luggage because you didn’t show up for the flight” – that’s roughly the answer a tourist received upon arrival in Kaliningrad when she couldn’t find her suitcase on the baggage carousel. She arrived in Khrabrovo on a Pobeda flight from Cheboksary with a connection to Sheremetyevo. The woman was flying with a nine-year-old child. At the same time, his suitcase ended up at the arrival point.

The airline confirmed to her that, according to the system, she did not show up for boarding the second segment of her connecting flight and because of this, her luggage remained at Sheremetyevo. In addition, according to the current rules, the woman’s return tickets were also cancelled. All this was found out on a paid hotline, conversations on which cost 1,500 rubles: “According to their information, it turns out that my nine-year-old child flew to Kaliningrad alone, unaccompanied, and this did not bother anyone,” the woman is indignant on the carrier’s social networks.

The tourist intends to sue, but first she really wants to get her suitcase. For more than a day he has not been able to fly from Sheremetyevo to Khrabrovo. And in the luggage, in addition to things, there are also medicines that the child needs – they are freely available, the tourist assures, they cannot be bought.

How explained at Pobeda Airlines, when boarding at Moscow airport, the boarding pass was not scanned. The carrier has already admitted the mistake and reinstated the return ticket.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that Turkish Airlines paid a Russian woman $600 for lost luggage, but she is suing.

Source: Tourdom



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