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You won’t be allowed into EU countries without a biometric passport: the new system will be operational by the end of the year

Information has appeared on the websites of the European Commission and the European Council that the new system of entry/exit into the EU (Entry / Exit System) will work in the second half of 2024. Discussions about launching this system began at the end of 2022 – then it was assumed that the project would be fully operational in May 2023. But then the launch dates were repeatedly postponed, and now they are also approximately set. In particular, the website of the European Council says that the system will work in the fall.

An automated system is being introduced at the external borders of the EU to reduce the risks of illegal migration. In addition, it will help you quickly identify fake documents. In system will be recorded publicly available data (full name, date of birth, etc.), information about visas (type, terms, country of issue), information about previous trips to the European Union and all border points crossed by the tourist.

At the border, tourists will also be asked to submit fingerprints and take photographs. All this information will be stored for 3 years, after which it will be deleted. If a traveler refuses to provide biometric data, he will not be allowed to proceed further.

Another key update has been made to the rules: the new system requires a biometric passport. In Russia they issue one for 10 years. Accordingly, those who have a passport valid for 5 years (without biometrics) will not be able to enter the Schengen zone according to the new rules. WhatsApp Image 2024-02-20 at 09.31.02.jpeg

TourDom.ru previously wrote that the new border control system can significantly increase the time it takes to cross the border. Many states have already announced what measures they will take at airports to get rid of queues and long waits.

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