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10 places to visit on Valentine’s Day in Bangkok, budget no more than 500 baht, travel on a budget It can be romantic.


10 places to visit on Valentine’s Day in Bangkok, budget no more than 500 baht, travel on a budget It can be romantic.

Valentine’s Day 2024 This year, who is looking for Valentine’s Day attractions in Bangkok Take your girlfriend on a date. Chill and comfortable. Travel on a budget. You can stay and be romantic again.Budget not more than 500 baht Well, we’ve got a good plan. Take your girlfriend on a trip with 10 places to visit on Valentine’s Day Let me tell you this.

Valentine’s Day travel Budget not more than 500
Take your girlfriend on a trip to Bangkok

1. Planetarium

The most romantic travel destination And it’s very classic. You can’t escape the planetarium. In a good atmosphere, you can lie down and look at the stars together with your girlfriend. You don’t have to go anywhere far either. It’s both romantic and educational. Let me tell you, good places to travel like this are only in Ekkamai.

  • See the full review at Stargazing in the middle of the city. Planetarium. Invite your girlfriend to travel for one day and it can be romantic.
  • Admission fee: Adults 50 baht, children 30 baht

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2. Express boat trip on the Chao Phraya River Pay homage to 9 temples in Bangkok

Merit-making couples, on a good day like this, you must go on a merit-making trip. Come and worship at 9 temples in Bangkok. But if you take a walk and worship normally Maybe some of you are bored, so we plan a trip to try. Board the Chao Phraya Express Boat and pay homage to 9 temples. Let’s see. I guarantee that you will get both merit. and fun In such a way that you can feel that Bangkok has cute corners like this too.

  • See the full review at boarding the Chao Phraya Express Boat to pay homage to 9 temples in Bangkok.
  • Trip expenses: 300-500 baht
  • Express Boat Boarding Point: Sathorn Pier, a pier on the banks of Phra Nakhon. Under King Taksin Bridge (near BTS Saphan Taksin)

  • Address : Bangkok
  • Location: Varies for each location.
  • Open for viewing: The temple is open for viewing from 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • phone : –
  • Website : –



Follow along to pin a walk and chill at Icon Siam Bangkok’s landmarks It is full of beauty and splendor in the form of a department store combined with Thai art. Of course, just one day of walking around, taking photos, stopping at delicious restaurants, and chilling at a cafe at ICONSIAM is a very chill date on Valentine’s Day. Try finding a beautiful corner to walk around and take photos for your girlfriend. Guaranteed to put a smile on your cheek.

  • See the full review at ICONSIAM Landmark along the Chao Phraya River.
  • Food cost: 200-500 baht


4. Cycling at Suan Rot Fai

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Another chill place in Bangkok railway park or Wachirabenjathat Park Sure enough, this is a large public park. It is a green area in the city that offers light romantic activities. To be together is to have a picnic under the shade of a tree. See butterflies at the Bangkok Butterfly and Insectarium Park including cycling together It was a very chill date.

  • See the full review at Suan Rot Fai, a place to visit in Bangkok, ride and chill, walk and feel the breeze in the heart of the city.
  • Trip expenses: 100-300 baht


5. Stroll around the old area Tha Maharaj Tha Maharaj

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The good thing about this old area in Phra Nakhon is the colors, delicious food, and beautiful architecture. We recommend sitting and admiring the beautiful Chao Phraya River view. Tha Maharaj Tha Maharaj A center of coffee corners, fashion shops, and a variety of delicious restaurants that perfectly meet the needs of urban lifestyles. No need to run out of budget. This place is a bonus along the way. Tha Phra Athit-Tha Tien Along the way, there will be buildings and delicious, traditional restaurants. You can definitely take lots of photos.

  • See the full review at Travel to Bangkok, walk, eat, and travel at Tha Maharat Community Mall, chilling along the Chao Phraya River.
  • Food cost: 100-300 baht


6. Taling Chan Floating Market

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Taling Chan Floating Market It is a floating market in the heart of the capital that still maintains its natural beauty. and the way of life of villagers on both sides of the canal Surrounded by orchid gardens and vegetable gardens. and local fruits in their entirety It is also not difficult to travel. And it is also a source of delicious and cheap food.

  • See the full review at Taling Chan Floating Market. Floating market in Bangkok There are only delicious things. One Day Trip
  • Food cost: 300-500 baht


7. Forest in the city


Another place to visit on Valentine’s Day and take beautiful photos It’s like going to a foreign country in Bangkok. I have to give it here. Urban forest project or Forest Learning Center in the City By the PTT Reforestation and Ecosystem Institute. PTT’s green area development project to be a learning center for reforestation.

Inside, there is a corner with green trees to refresh and take beautiful photos. The place is divided into forest area, water area, and usable area. And there are buildings designed to blend in with nature. In addition to gaining knowledge This is also a forest in the city that brings us close to nature. It also takes beautiful photos. For anyone who wants to stop by and see nature. Must call to reserve a visit in advance.

  • See the full review at Forest in the City, travel in nature in Bangkok, take beautiful photos.
  • Entrance fee: Free admission



8. Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

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Take a break, breathe good air into your lungs, and eat organic vegetables. Recharge your batteries and make your life colorful again. in a rural atmosphere Both in Bangkok Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market Yes, couples who like to eat and chill must not miss stopping by. Because aside from the food, the delicious food at each restaurant is really awesome. At a cheap price There is also a relaxing boat trip service. It is another attraction that focuses on the lifestyle along the canal that is very impressive.

  • See the full review at Travel, Eat, Shop, Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market, and Mad Boat Cruise.
  • Food cost: 200-400 baht

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9. Yaowarat

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A good trip to go for a relaxing walk. One Day Trip Yaowarat In addition to stopping by to pay homage to the Buddha In the evening there are also street food restaurants. Come out and set up a restaurant to have delicious food from the beginning of the road to the end of the road. It can be said that foodie couples must try to find time to walk and chill together. Stop by for a delicious wander through various shops. Take photos of the colorful atmosphere of Bangkok During the night it is filled with lights. It feels like you’re in Hong Kong.

  • See the full review at Walking Tour Bangkok with 12 must-check-in locations in Yaowarat area.
  • Food cost: 200-500 baht

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10. Harajuku Thailand Harajuku Thailand

Invite your girlfriend to go on a romantic trip like traveling to Japan together at Harajuku Thailand Harajuku Thailand Classic Japanese village that is like the Edo period, full of atmosphere and authentic Japanese scent There is also a cute gimmick: a shop that rents yukata and complete kimono sets for you to wear, walk around, and take pictures!


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