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10 towns in Spain that are about to disappear (or have already done so)

10 towns in Spain that are about to disappear (or have already done so)

The country is full of ghost towns, or those that are about to become ghost towns, victims of depopulation.

The depopulation of rural areas It is a problem that has been threatening Spain for years. In fact, the European population in urban areas since 2006 has already broken records for the first time, representing 80% of the population. The loss of inhabitants of a given area has different causes, such as the fact that birth rates are lower than mortality, or because the population emigrates to large urban areas. In most cases, the factors act at the same time.

Although he rural territory occupies more than one 90% of the country’s surfaceits population does not even reach 25% of Spaniards. Consequently, there is a decrease in the economic and social activity in rural areas due to various factors, such as abandonment of agriculture, lack of employment, as well as disparities in income and infrastructure between rural and urban areas.

The ruins of the Ochate Cathedral are often visited.

Currently, the town of Tarragona is a well-known place to do hiking and a youth favorite for see stars and get away from the city. However, La Mussara was an inhabited town until the 20th century, and historical records are preserved that confirm its existence since the XII century. His church dates back to the middle ages, and its buildings preserve plaques that remind us that although they are abandoned, they were someone’s home.

La Mussara is known by the inhabitants of Tarragona.

Although in the twentieth century This small town in La Rioja reached 300 inhabitants, currently the town is completely empty. Although the last inhabitants left Turruncún at the end of the 80s, the town receives visits from hikers who practice the sport in the area.


Guijasalbas, the town for sale.

With only 4 inhabitants, this town in Guadalajara is about to become another victim of depopulation. Although the nature that surrounds the town is known and appreciated by the neighboring towns, Guijasalbas does not welcome new inhabitants.



Escó is one of the most visited unpopulated towns in Spain.

In the 60s, Granadilla suffered the same fate as Escó: due to the construction of a reservoir, the inhabitants had to abandon their homes. The town of Cáceres does not have any inhabitants, however, a survey is being carried out recovery project to turn the ghost town into a cultural center.

Villanueva de Jalón

The tower of the Virgen de la Huerta church is the main attraction of the town.

The town of Lleida, which is located 1200 meters highwas a medieval town that once had 70 inhabitants in the 19th century. However, in 2011 there were only 3 people left living in Sendes. His church It was built in the century XVIIIand currently you can find remains of past lives, such as abandoned wooden furniture.


The region of La Litera, in Huesca, is the home of this town without inhabitants. It is located in the Orriols Ravine, where the remains of a Wall which allowed controlling enemies and monitoring crops. Although the 1920 census confirms that 63 people lived in Rocafort that year, today the town is completely empty.

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