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18 hours and 50 minutes: this is the longest flight in the world

18 hours and 50 minutes: this is the longest flight in the world

It is operated by Singapore Airlines, it travels 15,349 kilometers, connects Singapore with New York and all seats are in Business or First Class.

Turbulence on the plane: what they are and why you should not be afraid.

You shake every time you go to board a plane. And, even if you are an inveterate traveler, you always live with the discomfort of having to spend hours flying through the skies to reach your next destination.

But… calm down! Because Statistically, the plane is the safest transport in the world.. In fact, aviation records only one serious accident for every 2.4 million flights. All this thanks to its strict safety standards that must be followed to the millimeter before each takeoff.

The longest flight in the world

Singapore Airlines, world's longest flight

Of course… getting on this plane is doing it with the most cutting-edge technology of the moment, in an aerial vehicle that once again shows us how human beings have managed to win the battle over distances.

He is not the only one who makes marathon journeys in the sky. There are other airlines that have also launched very long-haul flights:

He second longest flight in the world is the one that operates between Auckland, New Zealand, and Doha. The flight lasts 18 hours and 22 minutes, traveling 14,535 kilometers and is operated by Qatar Airways.

The third position It is the one occupied by the Qantas Airline, which makes a journey between London, in the United Kingdom, and Perthin Australia with a duration of 17 hours and 25 minutes. This is followed by one from Emirates which, in fourth position, covers a distance of 14,200 kilometers that connects Auckland with Dubai and lasts 17 hours and 20 minutes.

The shortest flight in the world

There are also ultra short flights. The Guinness Record for the shortest flight is held by the airline Loganair, one of the subsidiaries of British Airways. With tiny planes with only eight seats, it makes a flight between Westray and Papa Westray, two islands in the north of Scotland that can be visited in just a few minutes.. Distance? 47 kilometers.

The importance of these flights, although short, are the clear alternative to ferries and connect different points of the same archipelago. Emphasize that “If it were not for these flights, many people would be completely isolated, mainly in winter, and without access to hospitals or health centers.”

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