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2 day 1 night trip, visit Pattaya, visit the community, see beautiful panoramic views.


2 day 1 night trip, visit Pattaya, visit the community, see beautiful panoramic views.

This hot weather It’s time to leave for a trip to the sea. This time we have a short time. So I’ll just come and chill. 2 days 1 night Only then you must come here. Chonburi Pattaya This is it. A trip to the beach near Bangkok must not be missed here. So, follow us and let’s go to the beach for summer.

  • 22 places to visit in Pattaya Travel to the beach near Bangkok, drive on Saturday and Sunday.

Places to visit in Pattaya 2 days 1 night trip Take a chill trip and feel the sea breeze.

Distribute travel plans Pattaya 2 days 1 night

Day 1

  • Fat Coco Seafood Club Restaurant
  • Somerset Pattaya Hotel
  • Workshop Diffuser
  • Seafood Buffet @ Sea to Serve
  • Enjoy the view of Pattaya city from the rooftop.

Day 2

  • Visit the Takhian Tia community at Fa Sai Aiko Park.

Day 1

Fat Coco Seafood Club Restaurant

After traveling for almost two hours, we have arrived at Pattaya before going to the hotel. We stopped by to eat delicious food at Fat Coco Seafood Club. This restaurant is special from the decoration. to excellent seafood The atmosphere of the shop feels like going to Hawaii. The restaurant is fully prepared, from seafood to western food, as well as drinks. The shop has many styles to choose from. Who wants to come to one shop? Recommend here

Somerset Pattaya Hotel

After eating, I’m full. It’s time to enter the accommodation to check in. Tonight we will sleep at the hotel. Somerset Pattaya It’s a hotel that hasn’t been opened very long. Suitable for families and people who love animals very much. There are highlights at pirate ship water park Located on the rooftop. Including there are all tourist attractions not far from the hotel. Come, we will take you to see the beautiful rooms. Inside the hotel!

Today we slept in the room. Studio Executive It is a large, spacious room decorated with a modern, luxurious design. And has all the amenities, from a microwave, washing machine, soaking tub, etc., including a kitchen zone with complete cooking equipment. All of which are outstanding points of this hotel chain. Who wants a place to stay where they can cook all their meals? Including being able to stay for a bit longer, highly recommended.

We’ve looked at all the rooms. It’s time to go play in the rooftop pool of Somerset Pattaya. This place is suitable for both small children and couples because we can see the beautiful view of Pattaya Bay from the swimming pool area. And if anyone has grandchildren Let’s go have fun at pirate ship water park Let me tell you that it’s both fun. Both being able to see the beautiful view like this is very nice. We also got to try ice cream that uses products in the community, like Mek Icecream Club, whether it’s a flavour. Khao Lam Nong Mon, Butterfly Pea, Lemon, Foi Thong, etc. Having said that, let’s go sit and admire the beautiful view this way. Ready to eat some delicious ice cream first.

Workshop Diffuser

Another special feature is We had the opportunity to do a workshop on how to make our own diffuser with the scent we liked. The shop pilipilicandles taught us the process of choosing a scent, how to make it, and mixing it. and bring it back to use in our home. Let me tell you, we learned something that we never knew before. Including the fragrant smell. that will come out as the scent that we like It’s really not easy at all.

Workshop Diffuser

Seafood Buffet @ Sea to Serve

When the sun goes down It’s time to fill our bellies with delicious food. Of course, we will go to leave each other. Sea to Serve hotel’s restaurant. Let me tell you that the food line is full. From fresh seafood, shrimp, crayfish, shellfish, crabs, fish, to Western food, Thai food, there is also an A La Carte Buffet menu served so that you can be full. It’s like this meal will be full. At once.

Enjoy the view of Pattaya city from the rooftop.

It seems like the day is over, right? But it’s not over yet because now it’s time to go see the beautiful view on the 23rd floor of Somerset Pattaya Hotel. Up here you can see a beautiful view of Pattaya city. Let me tell you, the atmosphere is good. Extremely Romantic, don’t tell anyone. It was the best way to end the day. Makes us sleep soundly tonight.


Day 2

Visit Takhian Tia community

After we had enjoyed breakfast at the hotel. It’s time to wave goodbye. We’ve checked out. Who likes to travel with the whole family? like the convenience Even being able to bring dogs and cats to sleep. This place really answers the question. Don’t forget to try stopping by for a night or two. OK, let’s start our second day of our trip.

We will go do activities together. Takhian Tia Community Yes, has anyone ever heard of this community? We will go to Aiko Sky Garden which is a large coconut plantation in Takhian Tia Subdistrict It is true community tourism. There have been activities since cycling Making tie-dyed fabric from coconuts Playing Pattaya Disc Golf while drinking coconut water and tasting fresh coconut coffee.

And we also got to try the local food of the community. Coconut Shell Chicken It’s a delicious menu that you can’t find anywhere else. to visit This Takhian Tia community has made us learn almost everything related to coconuts, not just coconut water. But this coconut can actually be used in many ways. Who likes to visit the community? Do fun activities Please stop by here.

It’s over for our 2 day 1 night trip in Pattaya. A new angle that’s not just the sea. How are you? That’s good too, right? Travel like a community, chill, slow life, admire the beautiful view on the hotel’s rooftop. to the full complement of fresh seafood It’s another trip that is very satisfying. This Saturday and Sunday. If you want to find a place to visit, you can stop by Pattaya.


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