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6 recommendations to entertain children on long trips

6 recommendations to entertain children on long trips

Traveling with children is a wonderful experience, but long trips can become a real headache for families. With these tips and tricks, traveling with kids will never be a drama again!

If you have small children (and by small we mean those who are in school), you will know how hard and difficult long trips can sometimes be. Whether you travel by car or any other means of transportation, here we offer you 6 recommendations to kill time and arrive at your destination with the feeling that time has flown by. Also, if you are looking for inspiration, here are 5 ideal destinations to go to with children.

Before embarking on a long trip, it is important that adults do not have too many expectations, since children are unpredictable at times and, above all, they are children. Therefore, it is necessary have a good disposition so that, if things go wrong, we don’t lose our nerve.

Discover the most entertaining way to get to your destination.

Crafts are perfect for developing motor skills and imagination. Furthermore, as a general rule, children always enjoy them. You can buy several small packages of plasticine and print some ideas to serve as a guide.


Drawing is a perfect activity for long trips.

Today there are countless games that have a travel version. Come on, you can play games like Monopoly, Parcheesi or Virus!, a card game invented by three Spaniards that has sold more than half a million copies and can be purchased in more than 20 countries.

If you have forgotten to bring a mini board game when traveling, don’t worry, because you can always play some traditional ones for which you will only need a few pages and pens such as hangman, sinking the fleet or stop , which is the most rudimentary version of the well-known Scattergories.

British writer and traveler Mary Montagu is credited with saying: ‘There is no entertainment so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting’ and we couldn’t agree more. Of course, forcing a child to read can be counterproductive. So what do you read or what don’t you read? Well that they read, but something that they like and feel comfortable with; from comics to graphic novels, including books by successful children’s YouTubers who release books like hotcakes.

If we have established a reading habit at home, we can take the book that the little one is reading. And if we know in advance that reading is torture, it is better not to take it and buy a children’s magazine that includes some type of hobby.

Children are often overexposed to screens, but a long trip is not the best time to cut corners. We must also keep in mind that traveling in a car in which only the family travels is not the same as traveling in a plane in which we have to share space with more than a hundred passengers.

Here we return to emphasize the flexibility. We can let him play a game, but we can also enjoy a good children’s movie or some cartoon episode.

And the last recommendation is that of schedule a meal on board. Regardless of the means of transport in which we travel, bringing a snack and a sandwich is fantastic to make the time go by faster.

If you travel by train, going to the cafeteria can distract any child that he has been sitting for several hours, while, if you prepare his own picnic for him to eat on the plane or in the car, it can be a real reset if the trip is getting too much for him.

In short, traveling with children is a wonderful experience that allows us to see the world and discover it through their eyes. But you have to be realistic and when the journeys last several hours, both children and adults are eager to reach their destination. The best? Keep calm and follow these 6 tips that will keep the children entertained while the trip lasts.

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