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7 unknown wonders of the world that you should visit once in your life

7 unknown wonders of the world that you should visit once in your life

The wonders of the world are not just those that everyone knows, there are many more and they are spread all over the globe.

They say there is only 7 wonders of the Ancient World on the face of the Earth, but the truth is that the planet is overflowing with authentic wonders from all past eras – Spain too, there is no need to travel that far. Many of them are always packed with curious people who want to take a photo next to him. However, there are other less known ones that enjoy a unique tranquility around them. Formed naturally or created by humansin every corner of the world there is a wonder to discover, like these 7 unknown places that you should visit at least once in your life.

More pyramids than in Egypt

The pyramids of Sudan in various states

The Lost City well known to the indigenous people

Archaeologists believe that It was founded in the 7th century AD as an urbanization of more than one hundred towns. In the 16th century they disappeared due to war and disease. For years it has been victim of violence and kidnapped by guerrillas and paramilitaries. Over time it was decided to protect it as a Biosphere Reserve and encourage access to curious visitors who dare to enter such a wild nature how are you doing.

This gigantic rock was not always ‘the lion-shaped fortress’. Its origins date back to the year 400, when the king of the time located the capital of his kingdom at the top of that rock, 180 meters high. It is located in the center of the current Sri Lanka, with stone stairs that the king had carved and leading to the top of the ancient capital. Bricks and plaster were added to that construction to create the shape of a giant lion. At the foot of the stairs the front legs of the animal are formed, higher up the mouth appears and at the top still Some gardens, remains of the palace, fountains and ponds are preserved.

The lion emerges from the forest as if it were a mythological creature of enormous size. The real reason he located his capital there was because was forced to flee after an alleged patricide. At the top he ordered the construction of the palace and, a little further down, the winter palace. Around it, a plot of canals and gardens to protect its imposing fortress and, at the same time, giving the complex a beauty and value that has earned it the title of World Heritage.

Perhaps this is the place on Earth that could most remind us of the planet of the protagonist of Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry’s story: an avenue full of baobabs -although these do not threaten the Earth-. These trees are exclusive to the Sub-Saharan Africa and Australia and they are truly impressive. It seems that it has its roots in the place of the crown, since it is bare almost all year round. The Avenue of the Baobabs is located in Madagascar and houses about 300 trees in a space of one square kilometer.

The Avenue of the Baobabs in Madagascar

The beach that lights up with life of its own

Plankton lighting in Maldives

The Great Wall of India

View of Kumbhalgarh Fort in India

The mosque of lights and colors

The Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Iran, stands as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. It is located in the Naghsh-e Jahan Squarein the Isfahan region, and was built in 1615. Without a minaret or courtyard, ‘seven-color’ tiles and polychrome mosaics cover its interior and Depending on the light, some colors or others are projected., with the help of polychrome mosaics: pink at dawn, cream at noon and orange at dusk. Houses the most circular dome on the planet and represents a peacock symbolizing the cosmos.

Is a jewel of Islamic and Iranian architecture It perfectly reflects ‘ishan’, beauty and taste as consonance with God. Divinity is unrepresentable and the only way to approach it is through beauty. Under this motto, his creations try to connect through sacred geometry, harmony of design and explosion of color. The harmonious complexity of the mosaics and the drawings they make up amaze anyone who sees them, entering that impossible game of lights and shadows path to divinity.

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