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9 professions to live while traveling the world

9 professions to live while traveling the world

There are professions to live traveling the world while earning a living doing what you like.

Travel It is a pleasure and one of the greatest wishes of almost everyone. But, in addition to traveling the world cheaply and not stopping, there is another way to spend all day changing addresses not only without costing you money, but earning it. And that depends on what you do.

Yes there are Professions that you allow you to travel constantly, and not because you have to go from one city to another solving problems or attending meetings, but you can choose the destination you want and earn a living in the place you want. And, most importantly, on many occasions you can change your location, as you want.


The tourism sector is one of the sectors that needs the most people in the high seasons of each country. Therefore, interesting opportunities arise to work at the reception of an establishment – ​​or making beds or in the kitchen. if you control multiple languages. Work is usually organized in shifts, although on weekends it tends to get busy. But you will have the enough free time to visit the secret places of the destination you choose and will give you an unbeatable opportunity to meet many people, both local and tourists who pass by the establishment where you work.


Cooking in Japan.

If you like children and want to learn a language, while teaching yours, this is your option. Every year, thousands of families around the world choose to hire, and provide accommodation and maintenance, to young people who are in charge of take care of your children. You will have to adapt to the child’s schedule, and review school subjects again, if they ask you to help them with their homework, but you will be able to learn how a local family in the country of your choice lives and have time to get to know the destination.

There are more and more universities, and there are fewer and fewer students to attract. For this reason, one of the professions that is having the most demand and that will allow you to travel will be that of a university recruiter. He is a figure that the Anglo-Saxon world has been developing for many years and that is spreading to other countries. It’s about going to institutes to do ‘commercial’ and get students to choose the university you work for when continuing their studies. In addition, traveling through the cities of the country where the university is located, higher education is increasingly looking for international students, so this job can take you to destinations that you would never think to include in your plans.

Mountain guide

Mountain guide.

Photographer, graphic designer, web developer… as long as you are willing to give up the security of a payroll Every month, being a freelancer allows you to develop your work from anywhere in the world. Imagine creating a company logo or designing a new website from a beach or with the views of your favorite natural area in the background. The only thing you will need is an Internet connection to be able to send your work, but the place from which you do it will be your choice.

What better profession than one that allows you to wake up in one country and go to bed in another? Flight attendants, like pilots, constantly live in different time zones. Normally they follow a predetermined route, but you can also go changing origin and destination destinations. And, the best thing, you can travel in advantageous conditions with your company. It is an excellent option to get to know different countries and cities very well.

If you move thousands of people on social networks, this is your job. The ‘influencers’ manage to earn a salary every month thanks to the commitment that brands are making to attract new customers through people who have managed to build a very powerful personal brand. Fashion, video games, travel… there are many sectors in which you can be an ‘influencer’ and in recent years we have seen several examples. Such is the potential that even a Chinese university already has a program to create ‘influencers’. Of course, the competition is brutal.

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