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A pilot reveals what it takes to travel Spain from end to end at maximum speed: less time than to have a hot coffee

A pilot reveals how long it takes to travel through Spain from end to end at maximum speed: less time than drinking a hot coffee

If you thought that commercial airplanes were fast, you will be amazed at the speed that combat airplanes reach.

Those in love with the world of aviation surely know that A commercial plane usually fly around 850/900 kilometers per hourbut there are models, such as the Airbus A330Neo that can reach a maximum speed of 1,061 km/h or the B788, from Boeing, which reaches 1,051 km/h.

We have also known that there are different types of missiles. On the one hand, we find infrared ‘which detects heat’ and radar, ‘which are fired at a great distance and guided with the plane’s radar’. The use of one or the other will depend on the specific mission or threat.

At the Torrejón de Ardoz Air Base there are some F18s ready for takeoff.

‘Top Gun’ is a classic film (because we are not talking about the new installment: Maverick) that has brought us closer to the world of military aviation, increasing our interest in how these fighters are flown, the necessary skills and studies required to be able to take the controls or, of course, the missions in which their services are necessary.

How long does an F18 take to cross Spain?

And, beyond all these curiosities, what has caught our attention the most has been the speed they reach military fighters. Mancebo explained that, for example, You can cover the Barcelona/Galicia route in approximately half an hour. And, be careful, since there is a distance of just over 1,000 kilometers.

When an F18 is entrusted with a mission, its character must be taken into account, since it can be a urgency and, then, every second is key. From Torrejónthe air base from which Antonio Mancebo usually operates, It can take an average of 15 minutes to reach the Strait. if you go at maximum speed. Yes, as you read, this pilot takes less time to get from Madrid to the Strait of Gibraltar than many of us take a morning shower. And the same thing happens when cover the route Madrid – Barcelonasince a commercial plane would take about 50 minuteswhile with an F18 it is reduced to about 20.

In a fighter plane the speeds of a commercial plane can be doubled and, furthermore, you can go to greater heights. In addition, it must be taken into account that the first do not follow a straight line, but must follow the instructions of the air traffic controllers and respect the times assigned for takeoff and landing. In the case of an F18, by not having to follow the same protocols as passenger aircraft, times are considerably reduced.

In short, as Mancebo explained in the podcast ‘Búscate la vida’, calculate how long it may take a fighter plane to cross Spain from end to end It’s not that complicated. ‘In the end you do the numbers with a commercial airplane…, you divide in half and a little less and that’s how long it’s going to take,’ concludes the pilot.

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