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A total of 9 Yaowarat shrines for Chinese New Year 2024. Pay homage and ask for blessings and sacred things in Bangkok.


A total of 9 Yaowarat shrines for Chinese New Year 2024. Pay homage and ask for blessings and sacred things in Bangkok.

Chinese New Year 2024 this year falls on the 10th. February 2024 Yes, for anyone who wants to go pay homage to the Buddha, ask for blessings, and worship sacred things. Lucky for Chinese New Year Sai Mu, follow us at 9 Yaowarat Shrines in Bangkok Sacred shrine It’s old and has been in the Yaowarat area for a long time. Let’s go worship and welcome the Chinese New Year!

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Pay homage to the Buddha and ask for blessings Yaowarat Shrine Chinese New Year 2024

1. Kuan Yin Shrine Thian Fah Foundation

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Kuan Yin Shrine Thian Fah Foundation Located on Yaowarat Road. A little past the Odeon roundabout. Opposite Wat Traimit, this is a place to worship and ask for blessings that Thai-Chinese and Chinese people have great respect for.

Thian Fah Foundation It was established in the year 1902, which is enshrined Guan Yin Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, in the blessing posture, is the presiding figure of the shrine. Which was invited from China since the year 1958. People like to come and ask for blessings from Goddess Kuan Yin to ward off sickness. Free from disease And have good health.

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The Goddess Kuan Yin Made from carved sandalwood. Tang Palace art style But it is assumed that it was created. During the Song Dynasty The body has a bright golden color. And very beautiful, too.

  • Address: Yaowarat Road, Talat Noi Subdistrict, Samphanthawong District, Bangkok (located on Yaowarat Road Opposite the Chaloem Phrakiat Arch)
  • Coordinates : https://maps.app.goo.gl/SZULQCktcUhCeTvx6
  • Open for viewing: You can tour throughout the day.
  • phone : –
  • Website : –


2. Leng Nei Yi Temple

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If we talk about coming to pay homage to the Buddha and fix things, the first place that everyone must think of is Wat Leng Nei Yi, Yaowarat or Wat Mangkon Kamolwat This place, according to the beliefs of the Chinese people. This place is 1 of the 3 dragon temples, with the dragon being a sacred animal. Consists of the head, body and tail, which is the head of a dragon. It’s in this temple.

Leng Nei Yi Temple This building was founded in 1871. Its architecture is in the southern Chinese style of the Chaozhou Chang family. The plan was laid out in the style of a royal temple, with the Thao Chatulokban Wihan being the first temple. In the middle is the chapel. Behind the temple is the temple of the gods.

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Inside the chapel, there are 3 main Buddha images of the temple: Gotama Buddha Amitabha Buddha Phra Bhaisajyakuru Buddha or Po Huk Chow Som Along with 18 other arhats, there are also many various gods, such as the gods protecting destiny or Tai Suai Eia God of medicine or divine doctor Xiang Sigong Peach Hua And the most popular thing to pray for is god of fortune Chai Sing Yea yes


3. Lao Pun Tao Kong Shrine

Lao Pun Tao Kong Shrine, Songwat Road Built over a hundred years by faith and beliefs of Chinese people who immigrated here with the Lao Pun Tao Kong Shrine It is the center of the mind and worship. Tae Kong’s story That is, the gods who protect and maintain traditional communities. or the owner of that locality According to Chinese beliefs

The shrine originally had the Teochew style of Chi Tiam Kim architecture. Which is the Lao Pun Tao Kong Shrine today? It is a shrine that was newly renovated in 1917. People like to pay homage and pray for peace and happiness. Protect against various dangers and trade prospered


4. Guan Yu Shrine and horse god

Another old shrine The only time I went, I was able to pay homage to 2 gods. Guan Yu Shrine and horse god Located alongside the Yaowarat community for a long time. Guan Yu He is the god of honesty. According to the beliefs of the Chinese people As a result, people often go to ask for blessings regarding their careers. To be the boss of the people have good servants In August every year There will also be a festival held on the birthday of the god Guan Yu.

for horse god It is a god for asking for blessings regarding children. Make your children docile and docile. They usually offer morning glory. or various fresh vegetables, so anyone who wants to prosper in their career or have small children Don’t forget to go pay homage.

  • Address: Trok Rong Dome, Yaowarat Road, Soi Issaranupap (Yaowarat 11), Bangkok (located at Yaowarat Old Market)
  • Coordinates : https://maps.app.goo.gl/VAMsaWGvQQNLqM6b8
  • Open for viewing: 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • phone : –
  • Website : –


5. Chao Mae Pradu Shrine

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Chao Mae Pradu Shrine or Lao Ping Tao Ma Shrine It’s an old court. Sacred things that have been with the Yaowarat Old Market community for more than 170 years. For anyone who wants to make a wish for love. I often come here to make a wish. Then you will be happy and your wishes fulfilled in your relationship. It also stands out when it comes to asking for children. Including work duties as well.

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6. Leng Buay Eia Shrine

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Leng Buay Eia Shrine It is the oldest Teochew shrine in Thailand, over 300 years old, located in the Yaowarat area. There is an inscription in Chinese in the shrine that reads: Built in the early Rattanakosin period or the middle Ayutthaya period. Tian Oung era, around the year 1788 or 1848.

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The shrine is a Chinese style of architecture. It’s a single building. The large roof is covered with colored glazed tiles. In front there is a dragon pillar. Inside the shrine is an altar. Leng Buay Eia or dragon tail god He is the president, along with Hu Yin and a major soldier. According to belief, People come to pray for prosperity in business. progress in various activities and pay homage to wish for easy raising of children healthy and grow safely

There is also an altar to the god Guan Yu. Altar to the Mother of Heaven and is also the location of An ancient bell built during the reign of Emperor Daoguang. of the Qing Dynasty Including valuable antiques that are hard to find.

  • Address: Yaowarat Soi 6 or Trok Itsaraphap, Samphanthawong Subdistrict Samphanthawong District, Bangkok
  • Coordinates : https://maps.app.goo.gl/ZgG59q9EhLMF3KWU7
  • Open for viewing: 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • phone : –
  • Website : –


7. Tai Hong Kong Shrine Pho Teck Tung Foundation

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Tai Hong Kong Shrine Shrine with southern Chinese style architecture Located on Phlapphla Chai Road. Built during the year 1909-1918 by Chinese people who immigrated to Thailand with faith Luang Pu Tai Hong Kong Chinese monks helping sick people Help people and society.

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Moreover, he is also the pioneer in the practice of merit-making. in arranging cremations for corpses without relatives during the Song Dynasty as well Being a social worker monk, the Tai Hong Kong Mortuary Group was born in Thailand, and today we know it as “Tai Hong Kong Mortuary”. Por Teck Tung Foundation yes
For those who come to worship, they often pray for a healthy body. Work success, fortune, health and career.


8. Lee Tee Meow Shrine

Lee Tee Meow Shrine or Lue Ti Bia Shrine It is an old shrine that was built in 1902 in a style combining a shrine and a palace, with 4 floors. The 1st floor is the Phra Sangkajai Shrine. The 2nd floor is the Lee Titi Buddha. The 3rd floor has various saints and the 4th floor is the Shrine of the Emperor. People like to come here to ask for blessings in love and children.

You can also go to ask for blessings and pay homage to Phra Sangkajai on the 2nd floor. It is believed that Phra Sangkajai It is a symbol of wealth, prosperity and good fortune.

  • Address: Phlapphla Chai Road, Pom Prap Subdistrict, Pom Prap Sattru Phai District, Bangkok
  • Coordinates : https://maps.app.goo.gl/UxsYYM2oe2zhWCwv7
  • Open for viewing: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • phone : –
  • Website : –


9. Heng Jia Shrine Climb Xiao Huk Zhou

Chao Pho Heng Jia Shrine, Sam Chin Temple or Tai Sia Hucchou Shrine It is an ancient shrine in Thailand. created since During the reign of King Rama II, it was a center of faith for Thais and Chinese in the Yaowarat area.

Inside the shrine is the shrine of Godfather Heng Jia which is Tai Xiao Huk Zhou’s posture, that is, he has achieved arhat status. Sitting cross-legged on a lotus. It is a divine figure carved from ancient auspicious wood. Lacquered and gilded, it can last for hundreds of years. It is the first one in Thailand that has been with Wat Sam Chin for a long time. People come to worship and pray for good fortune. Peace and happiness Have a better life Achieve prosperity in business and work.


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