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A trip on the Expreso de la Robla, the most luxurious Renfe train

A trip on the Expreso de la Robla, the most luxurious Renfe train

In addition to commuter trains and daily high-speed trains, RENFE also has the Robla Expreso for those who want to enjoy a more luxurious experience.

This is what the Transcantábrico train is like inside: luxury and dream landscapes.

It is a somewhat unknown service but it is worth it. He Robla express It is one of the most luxurious RENFE trains, and the experience it offers has nothing to do with its usual suburban trains or AVE. This train was built in 2009 as a school train to teach port intermodality courses, a peculiar origin to say the least. When these courses were not running, in parallel, tourist trips were made to take advantage of the facilities and not have to stop.

La Robla Express Compartment

Each compartment of the Robla express is equipped with two bunk beds, a wardrobe, bathroom with hydromassage shower, sink, toilet and hairdryer, reading light, air conditioning, piped music, public address system and telephone. The entire train is connected, so you can move between all the cars without any type of impediment. In total, there are 28 available compartments.

The Robla express train also has spacious common zones, concentrated in three lounge cars with permanent bar service, equipped with large windows to enjoy the landscape as the train moves. Travelers will also have daily newspapers, magazines, a library, video library and television at their disposal. In addition, all rooms are air-conditioned and have free internet connection for the use and enjoyment of their clients.

Common area of ​​the La Robla Express

His itinerary The usual duration is 3 days and starts from the city of Bilbao to end in León. On the first day, the train leaves Bilbao for Espinosa de los Monteros at three in the afternoon. Once they arrive at the first destination, a coach takes visitors to the City of Frías and the Tobera waterfalls, and then takes them back to the train, where they will spend the first night.

The second day begins with breakfast on board while traveling through the Romanesque Palentino, Carrión de los Condes, Saldaña, Frómista and the Canal de Castilla. After lunch, in the afternoon we will visit the Roman Villa of Olmeda and at sunset everyone must return to the train to spend the night in Cistierna.

The third and last day will occur with breakfast until arrival in San Feliz. From this municipality, travelers will visit the city of León, both its historic center and its cathedral and San Isidro. The last meal will take place at noon, around 2:00 p.m., when travelers will finish their experience next to the Hotel Colegiata de San Isidro. There is also the option of making the trip in reverse, from León to Bilbao, with the only difference that in this case, the experience concludes with a visit to the Guggenheim Museum.

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