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All locations for Songkran, Chiang Mai 2024, where is a good place to play Songkran water, concerts?


All locations for Songkran, Chiang Mai 2024, where is a good place to play Songkran water, concerts?

Who is going? Songkran water play Let’s go together. Chiang Mai Follow us to update the coordinates with Songkran Chiang Mai 2024 It has been included that Where is a good place to go swimming for Songkran? Songkran concerts. Where is it held? This event is full of fun. Definitely splashing freshness all over Chiang Mai city. Where are they? Let’s see!

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Songkran Festival Chiang Mai 2024
Songkran in the northern region that must be pinned

1. Pa Weni New Year Festival in Chiang Mai

7-17 April 2024
All over Chiang Mai

Songkran Festival Chiang Mai 2024 or Chiang Mai New Year Festival 2024 This year it was organized in a big way. Continuing the traditional traditions of the Lanna people for more than 728 years and celebrating at Songkran Festival in Thailand has been registered Intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO

Inside the Pa Weni New Year Festival in Chiang Mai There will be activities from 7-17 April under the concept of “Jum Kai Yen Jai” New Year’s charm of the city Continuing the Lanna Way” will begin with Chiang Mai New Year Spirit Ceremony From 9 holy water sources Ceremony for cooking sacred water for the New Year By inviting holy water from 9 water sources:

  1. Wat Phuttha Aen, Mae Chaem District
  2. Ang Ka Luang, Doi Inthanon National Park (Highest in Thailand)
  3. Wat Pha Lat, Mueang Chiang Mai District
  4. Wat Chedi Liam Wiang Kum Kam Old Town, Saraphi District
  5. Khun Nam Mae Ping, Pha Daeng National Park Chiang Dao District (Upstream of Mae Ping River, northernmost point in Thailand)
  6. Tharathip Chaipradit Temple, Mae Taeng District
  7. Wat Pa Daed, Mueang Chiang Mai District
  8. Buppharam Temple, Mueang Chiang Mai District
  9. Dabpai Temple, Mueang Chiang Mai District

Holy Water Kissing Ceremony and Buddhist Holy Water Chanting Ceremony at Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Worawihan on April 10, 2024.

Watch special highlights on the occasion of the anniversary of the Year of the Dragon. Wat Phra Singh Woramahawihan, procession to bring holy water to worship Phra Buddha Sihing on April 12, 2024 from 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Procession to join in the tradition of Pa Weni, New Year, Muang Sa Klao Dam Hua Governor of Chiang Mai Province, 16 April 2024

Tourists will find highlighted activities including the Buddha Sihing bathing procession. Contest of mothers riding bicycles and staring at each other Lanna cultural performance As well as have fun playing with water during Songkran on the road of water. Continuing Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai and many other activities


2. Water Tunnel, Tha Phae Road World Songkran Thapae CNX 2024

13-15 April 2024
Thapae Road

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Songkran water play area, Chiang Mai 2024 This can’t be missed! Come splash some water together. and open up the world-class Songkran experience First time in Chiang Mai with water tunnel More than 200 meters long and DJs who will come to create fun on Tha Phae Road, it will also stimulate the Soft Power trend in Chiang Mai to make it loud throughout the world. By dressing in elephant pattern cloth “Clothing an elephant..Sad Muan Jo at the end of the alley at Tha Phae” Come join in the fun and joy at the Songkran festival in Chiang Mai, April 13-15, 2024 from 5:00 p.m. onwards.

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3. Chiangmai’s Songkran Festival 2024

9-21 April 2024
Central Chiang Mai Airport / Central Chiang Mai

Date 9-16 April 2024 Invite to promote and continue the valuable Lanna tradition. Happiness with Bodhi pole-sali pole parade tradition, inviting Sri Maha Bodhi Tree Bodhi tree seedlings from Sri Lanka at Wat Chet Yot to be enshrined at Central Chiang Mai Airport To enhance your destiny and make your life prosperous

Pay homage to bathe the relics of the Year of the Dragon. Bathing Buddha images in 9 famous temples in Chiang Mai Date: 11-16 April 2024 Invites you to go back in time, the way of life of the people of the city in the past. “Pick up the vegetables and put them in again. Bring me to the city.” Come shop, see, and taste local food, traditional desserts, and handicrafts. Local clothing in the atmosphere of Chiang Mai’s founding period

Central Chiang Mai Songkran Chiang Mai 2024

at Central Chiang Mai, 11-21 April 2024 Meet Thai Maha Entertainment with “Sum Pang Kua Work Shop”, learn and continue Lanna culture. cultural heritage From a master artist Thai Craft workshop, making Khanom Jok, Khanom Wong, which Northern people like to make only during the New Year Festival, Suk Maha Entertainment with “Sum Chiang Mai Juan Muan”, a performance of northern arts and culture, dancing

Performing applied Lanna music, listening to Lanna jazz music creating a new Lanna entertainment experience, photo booth with impressive scenes, bathing the Buddha Sihing. Buddha of Chiang Mai and the land of Lanna, Kad Mua Festival Discover the Lanna way of life and various types of food from the city. Ready to experience the aura of the community, northern people and decorate the work with the creative arts and craftsmanship of the local people.


4. Songkran Chiang Mai Water Festival 2024

13-15 April 2024
Chiang Mai ancient house

Invite you to continue the tradition of the city’s New Year, pay homage and ask for blessings, pour water on Buddha images from temples according to the principles of the 9 city traditions and Kruba Sriwichai, Father Uay, Mother Uay, shop for Lanna craft fairs. that combines local wisdom that shows the story of Songkran Lanna From various local branches and taste traditional and contemporary local food.


5. Play in the water during Songkran Chiang Mai moat

13-15 April 2024
Chiang Mai moat

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Another highlight point of Songkran Chiang Mai That is, come play in the water to be extremely juicy. Chiang Mai moat Sure enough, the area around the moat is Chiang Mai’s Songkran water play area that is well-known all over the world. Each year there will be tourists, both Thai people. and foreigners including Chiang Mai people Come join in splashing water and having fun here.

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And this year is the same. This year, the Governor of Chiang Mai Province Order to improve and restore the road surface around the Chiang Mai moat. Prepare to receive tourists during Songkran From 10-16 April, so get ready to have fun!


6. Songkran tradition Wat Phra That Sop Fang

5-17 April 2024
Kok Riverside Beach Wat Phra That Sop Fang

Wat Phra That Sop Fang It is an old temple, more than 1,300 years old, built by King Brahma the Great. King of Wiang Chai Prakan And in this Songkran festival Invitation to attend the event Songkran tradition Wat Phra That Sop Fang On 5-17 April 2024

Schedule within the event

  • April 8, Jod Music On Tour parade
  • April 9, Rumwong Army, Foreign Sound
  • April 10, Ramwong Top Star Band
  • April 11, Top Star Band concert
  • April 12, Eddie, the market is broken.
  • April 13, Top Star Band concert
  • April 14, Ramwong Top Star Band
  • April 15, Rumwong Army, Foreign Sound
  • 16-17 April DEEDAY BAND concert


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