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Amphawa Floating Market Travel near Bangkok, Samut Songkhram, take a boat trip to see fireflies.


Amphawa Floating Market Travel near Bangkok, Samut Songkhram, take a boat trip to see fireflies.

On holidays only 2 days a week Some people only have one day off, so we’ll take it. Travel near Bangkok Go in the morning and return in the evening. It’s not difficult to drive or easily travel on weekends. You don’t need to prepare much, just chill and relax. Amphawa Floating Market, Samut Songkhram Let’s go together.

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Amphawa Floating Market Travel to Samut Songkhram

Amphawa Floating Market Located along the canal near Wat Amphawan Chetiyaram. Samut Songkhram Province Yes, this is the first floating market in Thailand that is open for tourists to chill in the evening. which is different from other floating markets to open early in the morning And the market starts to slow down in the afternoon.

How to travel to Amphawa Floating Market Without a personal car

Origin HistoryAmphawa Floating Market

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Amphawa Floating Market It was made possible by the cooperation of people in the community and localities who have tried to revive the Amphawa Floating Market in the past. To preserve the livelihood of riverside communities and adjust the time to be the evening market It’s suitable for walking around and choosing to buy various products, including various foods, vegetables, fruits, Thai desserts, various items that merchants sell both by boat and on land by various shops. They will start selling things around 4:00 p.m. and go until 10:00 p.m.

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and with the charm of the houses along the riverbank that still maintains its originality very well Ultimately making this Amphawa Floating Market popular with tourists from all over the country.

Highlights of floating market

In the Amphawa Canal, there will be merchants rowing boats to sell food. and drinks such as Thai desserts, grilled seafood, boat noodles, pad thai, fried oysters, stuffed snacks, banana snacks and many others. In addition to looking charming Thai way of life, it can be said that it is also a paradise for foodies.

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We will buy things. Obtained from the merchant’s rowing boat. Reminiscent of the classic past very well. There are also shopping carts on land. And there are shops open for walking and chilling. Find a delicious restaurant to sit and eat by the water. Or you can just sit and sip coffee and admire the atmosphere.

There is also the sound of the community’s calls that are open all the time. including greeting and talking with tourists or sing karaoke Play live music in Thai style. It was fun and created a lively atmosphere for the Amphawa Floating Market. It reminds me of the days of flared skirts and shorts. It’s a very beautiful smell of the past.

Boat trip to see fireflies in Amphawa

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In addition to the waterfront restaurants Delicious and cheap food and the beauty of the way of life on both sides of the Amphawa Canal Another activity that is very popular among tourists is Firefly watching boat trip Sure enough, we will be sailing in the dark, with a cool breeze hitting our faces, breathing in the nice air, and watching fireflies that are sparkling on the lamphu trees along the way. which the Amphawa market community There will be a scheduled boat tour for interested tourists.

Take a boat trip to worship Buddha at Amphawa

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In addition, anyone who wants to visit and see the way of life of the villagers along the canal. You can also take a boat tour along the Mae Klong River. There is also a program Boat trip to worship Buddha You can also follow the temple along the river. Each travel program is different. Most of them will be going to worship at 5 temples along the Amphawa Canal. The charter price is about 500 baht, which allows 10 people to travel together. But if we don’t rent a charter, You can buy a group trip program with other tourists. The boat fare is about 50 baht.

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For anyone who wants to stay here for one or two nights, this is a good option. Because of that waterfront atmosphere It’s really good for the heart. Around Amphawa Floating Market there are many different accommodations, and most of them have activities. Giving alms to monks by water In the early morning as well.

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We guarantee that this trip won’t take long, won’t be tiring, and you’ll still get to experience the traditional way of life, eat delicious food to fill your belly, and watch fireflies very close to nature. Therefore, if you want to add color to your vacation for just a few days, Let’s try to visit Amphawa Floating Market.

information Amphawa Floating Market Samut Songkhram

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