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Chef Begoña Rodrigo’s travels: “A country I always return to is Thailand”

Chef Begoña Rodrigo’s travels: “A country I always return to is Thailand”

In addition to the proposal of her restaurant La Salita (Michelin Star), the chef and creator of Anarkía Begoña Rodrigo teaches classes and workshops on gastronomy.

The general public knew her in the small screen after being crowned winner from the first edition of the program Top Chef. Today, Begoña Rodrigo is one of the most renowned chefs in our country. This is her traveling experience.

Begoña is very biker.

My most remembered vacations are those in my town. Fortunately, I have always traveled a lot, but the ones I remember most are the vacations in Sot de Chera, a town in Serranía, in Valencia. Every year, when we finished school, my grandparents would pick me up and take me there for three months alone with them.


If I didn’t live in Valencia, I would like to live in a place where I would do lots of sun all year round. But I am in love with Valencia. After living abroad for eight years, I realized that I really missed the light and climate of Valencia. A city that I love is Amsterdam, a country I always return to is Thailandand there, I would love to live in Pai.

Sydney, Australia.

My favorite corner of the planet is my town. That’s the truth. And it doesn’t have a sea. It is a place that gives me a lot of peace, and reminds me of my grandparents.

Yes. I went to see Vietnam after reading the book Travels of a chef: in search of the perfect meal, of Anthony Bourdain, because he said that he had gotten it there. Although at the end of the book he says that the best thing is to have some sardines on the beach with someone you love… Thailand, Orleans or New York are also trips that I have taken after watching a movie, because I love movies.

In Amsterdam I loved cycling, but in Valencia it is difficult because the traffic is horrible. So I go on a motorcycle, I have a Harley and a Vespa. I’m very biker. It gives me a feeling of brutal freedom.

What is the most bizarre purchase you have made on one of your trips?

On my first trip to Thailand, I brought a Huge bamboo bucket for fermenting rice. But since I’ve traveled so much already, I don’t buy many things on trips, just a piece of clothing that reminds me of the place in question.

I am very simple, the only thing that cannot be missing from my suitcase is my face cream and toothbrush. I don’t need much more. I am very backpacker and I really like to travel without being very clear about what I am going to do there. In fact, I usually book the hotel only for the first night, and if I don’t like it, I leave and find a life. That’s why I hate traveling with loaded suitcases.

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