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Debunking myths: the oldest pyramid in the world is not in Egypt

Debunking myths: the oldest pyramid in the world is not in Egypt

There are still scientists and researchers who argue that this is not the oldest pyramid in the world, but the evidence is getting closer to confirming it.

He missing link of the evolution between the monkey and the human being – the upright monkey shoulder – was believed to be found in West Java (Indonesia). The anatomist Eugène Dubois went down in history for finding skeletal remains of Homo erectus dating back half a million years. However, a year earlier, in 1890, a Dutch historian noticed some stone pillars on top of the hill that went unnoticed. It happened in the Padang mountains and the discovery remained in the shadow of Homo erectus for years. In 1979, a group of farmers rediscovered the place and declared themselves cultural heritage in 1998.

The Megalithic Sites of Gunung Padang

The history of Gunung Padang has gone through several phases: from thinking that it could be a naturally created mountain following remains of lava to defend what would have been a pyramid built by human beings thousands of years before the birth of Christ. The pyramid would have been based on several layers and have been found underground chambers and tunnels underground, without finding an explanation for the way in which it was formed. In a recent publication of Archaelogoy Prospection It is stated that “Gunung Padang is a remarkable testimony, being potentially the oldest pyramid in the world“, much more than those of Egypt -where secrets are still found-.

The defenders of the first theory that says that it is a natural formation, affirm that The oldest pyramid is that of Djoser, designed as a giant staircase to the sky 60 meters high. It was the first great pyramid that was only surpassed a hundred years later with the construction of the Giza pyramid. It is located in the southeast of Cairowhat was formerly the Saqqara necropolis, the most important funerary complex in the city of Memphis. Djoser’s is considered the original pyramid, the one that gave rise to all the others and the oldest carved stone monumental structure in the world. However, Gunung Padang researchers have something to say about this.

It has been found that the oldest parts They could date back to between 14,000 and 25,000 years ago., in addition to the fact that it was made in several phases thousands of years apart. The researchers highlight that the structure was reinforced: At first it was sculpted on lava at the top of an inactive volcano, then a layer of bricks and rock columns was added, then a layer of earth that buried the above and between the year 2000 and 1100 BC. C. It was finished with a surface layer of earth, stone terraces and other materials. “Subsequently, Gunung Padang was abandoned by the first builders for thousands of years, which caused a significant erosion“say the experts.

The steps leading to the place

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