HomeTravel updates#EnvíoaNodomicilio: the new trend for your online purchases

#EnvíoaNodomicilio: the new trend for your online purchases

#EnvíoaNodomicilio: the new trend for your online purchases

A new way of delivering packages that is revolutionizing online shopping.

In recent years, we have become accustomed to buying everything online, so much so that Every traveler knows what it’s like to have to wait impatiently for a package. special with the necessary clothes for your trip, the sunglasses you have dreamed of or the latest accessories your camera needs.

Online shopping has become part of our daily lives and, although we all love having things brought to us, they do not always arrive at the best time. Packages arrive at home, at the office and even at the gym and on many occasions we organize ourselves around the arrival of the package, but these inconveniences can come to an end with the new trend that is revolutionizing electronic commerce.

Discover Non-Home Delivery

From now on the package will wait for you in the Point Pack (small neighborhood businesses such as florists or bookstores) or Locker (smart lockers found in gas stations and supermarkets) that best suits you. These locations form a large hybrid network of collection points with 6,000 locations in Spain that add to the more than 60,000 spread across different countries in Europesurely you have one close to home, you can check it here.

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No more long waits and the uncertainty of not knowing where our package is, many Lokers are open 24 hours a day, and whether it is a shipment or a return you will be able to locate your package in all the delivery and collection phases. Furthermore, the Punto Pack are in neighborhood stores that generate extra income by managing packages and for the sale of own products.

You can now join this new trend just like stores like Zara, Vinted or PromoFarma, and countless more brands.

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