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Found the bag to transport the whole family’s luggage: light and large in size

Found the bag to transport the whole family’s luggage: light and large in size

If you need a practical, foldable and very large bag to carry a lot of luggage, we have what you are looking for.

We prepare for travel this Easter and it’s time to face the luggage. We recognize that we love to travel, but the issue of suitcases is a complicated task. When we travel by plane we try to take as little as possible so that we can fit in a cabin suitcase. The problem comes when We travel by car and we have to carry the luggage of the whole family. We didn’t spare anything, we took a lot of ‘just in case’ and we know that the trunk will have a hard time closing. In fact, we do not find a suitcase with considerable size that we can fit in the trunk with the whole family’s luggage. We always go each one with our suitcase and that makes trunk capacity is reduced.

The Easter holidays are already here. And although you may already be at your destination, there are many others who are counting the hours for a change of scenery. We are taking advantage of these days to do a real Tetris with clothes, because we refuse to carry many packages. We want everything to fit in a suitcase, so that the trunk is clearer and we can even include the stroller of the little one in the house. We admit it, when we travel by car we carry a lot of luggage, because we have no limit, but carrying a single suitcase can help make the trunk look more comfortable.

The all-terrain bag for your luggage

This spacious bag is folding, has several compartments and you can carry it comfortably with its double handle. It is ideal for traveling and carrying all your luggage, but also for transporting all your personal items.

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