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Hiker accidentally discovers ancient Roman sanctuary in Swiss Alps

Hiker accidentally discovers ancient Roman sanctuary in Swiss Alps

After the first discovery, he notified the authorities without searching the ground further to avoid modifying anything or taking any pieces.

Incredible discovery at a Roman site: it looks like it belongs to the 21st century

A walk through the Swiss Alps led to one of the finds of the year. The hiker was walking when found a buried coin among the rubble. After informing the local archaeological unit he discovered that it was an ancient Roman coin. The archaeological zone was discovered in 2020 and a team from the Directorate of Education and Culture of the Canton of Bern (Switzerland) He began excavating two years later, finding what could have been a sacred place of worship, with multiple objects from thousands of years ago. The authorities They praised the behavior of the walker.

Until then they had met 100 coins, 27 rock crystals, 59 shoe nails, a brooch and a fragment of a leaf-shaped votive plate. They described that amount of coins as “unusual” in the Alps, which would be more “common” in mountain passes. Although the investigations are still in their infancy, it is believed that there would have been a “kind of pilgrimage” to ask or thank the Roman deities. What is certain is that the mountains had religious significanceaccording to Regula Gubler, director of the project, to Newsweek.

This was not the only hiker who has come across such a coin, another did three years ago almost in the same place. There were also Romans living in Switzerland. Those who inhabited the Alps established their residences “at the bottom of the valleys and they used the highest pastures for their animals.” Likewise, they frequented the passes that connected with northern Italy. It was already discovered in 1926 that This mountain range was of great importance for the Romans, when a pedestal for an image for worship was found in the Roman sanctuary of Thun-Allmendingen, southern Germany, the bavarian alps.

The train passes through the Alpine area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAllmendingen

Through him the faithful could contact the alpine goddesses, so it says in the Latin inscription that could be read on the monument. Gifts were placed as thanks, offerings or calm. This has been key to start understand the Ammertenhorn discoveriesbringing to light that there were not only sacred places at the entrance to the Alps, but also in their depths, where it is clear that They had to mobilize to reach them. The last ones date from between the 1st century AD to the 5th century AD

“It is always difficult to give a value, but They are small coins, so they are not worth much. and they are ‘easy’ to give to the deities,” says Gubler. He declared to the American media that “it is an interesting site because it shows that the Roman population of the region I not only loved the mountains from afarbut also went up and approached them to deposit votive offerings.” It is a place with difficult access, where They must mobilize helicopters to arriveso the investigation is advancing little by little.

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