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How to travel to Lisbon through 2 books, 1 series and 1 movie

How to travel to Lisbon through 2 books, 1 series and 1 movie

Cozy, vitalist and mysterious, the Portuguese capital is experiencing a second youth.

“Lisbon cannot be described, it is felt.” When the Portuguese Nobel Prize winner speaks Jose Saramago (1922-2010), all that remains is to listen and agree with him. Although it faces the Atlantic, the Portuguese capital has a strong Mediterranean component. And not only because of its benevolent climate, but also because of the hospitality of its inhabitants and the context of its history. Lisbon owns a rich cultural scene which goes far beyond fados, as it is a paradise for bibliophiles and a source of inspiration for artists as diverse as John Malkovich, Wim Wenders and Madonna. Although it may be biased, Fernando Pessoa already said it, Lisbon writer par excellence: “There is no city in the world more beautiful than Lisbon.”

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‘Book of Disquiet, by Fernando Pessoa (Acantilado)

‘Pereira Sustains’, by Antonio Tabucchi (Anagrama)

'Pereira maintains'

A movie

Debut in the direction of Maria de Medeiros, one of the most international actresses in Portugal. The script, written by Medeiros herself and Ève Deboise, tells the peaceful revolt carried out by a group of leftist soldiers in 1974 against the Salazar dictatorship. Colonial wars, political repression and economic problems were the trigger for what is known as The Carnation Revolution.

A series

Adaptation of the work of the same name by Camilo Castelo Branco (1825-1890), one of the most read Portuguese authors of all time.

This miniseries, of which Filmin offers the reduced version of 119 minutes, delves into an endless number of nineteenth-century Lisbon intrigues around Pedro da Silva, a young orphan whose story will be revealed little by little between multiple and unexpected twists of the script.

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