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How to travel to South Africa through 2 books, a series and a movie

How to travel to South Africa through 2 books, a series and a movie

This country is a great gateway to the African continent. And culture, the best map to explore it.

For the visitor little versed in the African continent, South Africa It is a tremendously exotic country and, at the same time, surprisingly close. On the one hand, its tourist infrastructures are tailored to European habits. And, on the other hand, its complex culture is fascinating – an example: it has 11 official languages; Afrikaans, Ndebele, Pedi, Sotho, Swati, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa, Zulu and English. Literature, music and cinema They provide numerous clues to discover the different facets of this multifaceted country. From his Nobel Prize in Literature —Nadine Gordimer and JM Coetzee—, passing through the voice of the popular Miriam Makeba (known as Mama Africa) and her cinematography, capable of mixing social denunciation and entertainment.

'Disgrace', by JM Coetzee.

‘Forbidden to Be Born’, by Trevor Noah (Blackie Books)

The popular presenter, comedian and writer Trevor Noah was born as a result of an illegal relationship. I explain. Her father is of Swiss origin and her mother is of the South African Xhosa ethnic group. He is white and she is black. And when Noah was born, in 1984, these types of relationships were prohibited in the African country. This data is the engine of Forbidden to be born, autobiography whose subtitle leaves no room for doubt: “Memories of racism, rage and laughter.” Thanks to his humor, Noah conveys without drama the difficulties he had to face in his native Johannesburg because of the color of his skin. Beyond social criticism, these memoirs are also an emotional love letter to his parents: “My mother loved me so much that she had to throw me out of a moving car to make me flee. My father loved me so much that when he walked with me he did so on the opposite sidewalk, without looking at me.”

'Forbidden to be born', by Trevor Noah.

A movie

‘District 9’ (2009), by Neill Blomkamp

When a spaceship descends on Johannesburg, the population becomes suspicious about the intentions of the extraterrestrials. However, from inside it descends, as if from a boat, a group of malnourished aliens who are confined in a makeshift camp. Surprising science fiction film made as a mockumentary.

'District 9'

A series

‘Blood & Water’ (2020-present), from Netflix

Shortly after birth, Phume was kidnapped by a human trafficking ring. Years later, her sister Puleng meets Fikile, a promising athlete who studies at an elite school in Cape Town, at a party. However, Puleng suspects that Fikile is actually her kidnapped sister.

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