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How will we travel in 2024? 5 trends for this year

How will we travel in 2024? 5 trends for this year

Music tourism, influencer-driven agencies, air taxis and artificial intelligence as an ally for the traveler. Are you ready for the future? Discover what the travel trends are for this new cycle.

2024 begins and with it, a new cycle of opportunities to discover different spaces and experience new activities. But before you start saving to plan any type of trip, it will be necessary to know that next year there will be changes regarding the ways in which we conceive how to do tourism.

Amadeus, the company that provides technological solutions for the travel industry, produced a report on travel trends for 2024. Through a database of 195 countries, surveys of more than 2,500 agencies and organization experts, the company reached a resolution that exposes Top 5 experiences that users are looking for today.

Tourism driven by concerts and festivals generates great economic benefits in cities around the world

The Covid-19 pandemic brought with it the ban on large gatherings of people for almost two years. As a consequence, many artists had to cancel international tours that they were only able to resume last year. On the part of the public, The desire to experience this type of events again became evident, generating an increase in demand for recitals and festivals.

Influencers are the ones who set travel trends

For some time now, trends are no longer set by the media or big brands, But it is the different Internet personalities who say what is “in fashion.” It happens not only with clothing, but also with art, cinema, music and tourism.

By 2024 we will begin to see air taxis

Until a few years ago, the idea of ​​being able to order a taxi to transport us by air seemed very crazy. However, for environmental reasons and with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions, More and more airlines are thinking about this alternative.

In this sense, Amadeus foresees the development of aerial walkways that will be traveled by flying taxis. On the other hand, techniques such as electric airplanes vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) and other types of electric aircraft. With the excuse of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the aircraft manufacturer Volocopter will create a fleet of VoloCity eVTOL, becoming one of the first electric air taxi networks.

AI as an ally to the traveler

Airlines will test new strategies to sell their first class seats

Business rates at affordable prices

A trend is to put up for sale “special tickets”. But what is the difference with the normal business class ticket? The idea is that they can access the seats, pbut without having access to the VIP room, restricted seat selection and without the possibility of upgrading.

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