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How you should behave on a plane, according to the flight attendants

How you should behave on a plane, according to the flight attendants

‘The New York Times’ has shared a list of suggestions on coexistence rules prepared by the flight attendants themselves.

Three things that flight attendants hide from you every time you board a flight

There are situations that can turn the experience of traveling by plane into a true nightmare. Among them, the most common are: being forced to occupy a seat you don’t want, dealing with a baby crying all night, or having passengers in front of you who won’t stop talking.

However, even though some circumstances may be more stressful than others, it is important to maintain certain House Rules to make the trip more enjoyable for everyone involved. In this sense, ‘The New York Times’ spoke with some stewardesseswho offered certain Recommendations on how to behave on the plane. These suggestions, although not explicit, are the best practices for sharing the same space during the duration of the flight.

Coexistence rules for the flight

If you’re faced with a long flight (especially if you’re traveling outside the continent), you’ll likely need to spend several hours on the plane. During this time you will experience various times of the day, such as meals and rest periods. Thus, It is crucial to choose clothing that provides you comfort and allows you to maintain a pleasant feeling throughout the trip.

End your conversations once you get on the plane

Given this situation, many people get on the plane distracted by their cell phones– Sending messages, downloading music and even making calls. This prior moment can become overwhelming if not handled in an orderly manner. In this sense, the flight attendants request concentration and ask passengers to leave aside the connection once they enter the plane. Furthermore, listening to irrelevant conversations at this stage could cause discomfort to the rest of the passengers.

Recline properly

However, It’s important to do it thoughtfully.. We have all experienced the uncomfortable situation of the person in front of us abruptly reclining their seat, causing us discomfort. To avoid this type of situation, next time try reclining your seat gentlyremembering that there is another person behind you.

If you want to recline, remember that there is always a delicate way to do it

This rule is implicit and many may not know it. The seat you get on the plane can determine whether you will have a good or bad flight: although both the window seat and the aisle seat are good options, Traveling in the middle seat is always considered the worst.

By way "consolation prize"the person in the middle gets both armrests

Although The flight attendants seem to be some kind of authority on the plane.there are some rules that, no matter how much they repeat them and ask for them nicely, not everyone is willing to comply with and respect them.

One of them is noise. And it can happen not only with babies who cry, but also with seatmates who are chatty and carry on conversations with other passengers. Given this, the flight attendants beg for patience: the best option is use your headphones to distract you from reality and those annoying colleagues.

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