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If you have one of these last names you are probably descended from Jews – Sephardic

If you have one of these last names you are probably descended from Jews – Sephardic

There is a list made up of more than 5,000 Sephardic surnames that have a presence in the Iberian Peninsula.

Anyone with a little curiosity about history in general and their ancestors in particular has considered it at some point in their life. investigate the nature of their surnames. These may have diverse originsfrom patronymics (they come from the father’s name), toponymics (due to the place of origin), occupational (depending on the work carried out) or ethnonyms (which indicate the family ethnicity).

The fascination with the Roman Empire has led us to wonder on occasion whether our surnames come from this civilization, but it is also just as interesting discover if blood with Jewish ancestors runs through our veins. Do you dare to discover it?

Sephardic Jewish surnames: the history

Many of these expelled Jews sought refuge in Portugal and other countries in the rest of Europe, while those who preferred to remain in Spain were forced to convert to Christianity. Since then, Jewish communities in Spain and Portugal became known as Sephardim.

The Jews had to convert to Christianity or leave the Iberian Peninsula.

To discover the origin of these Jewish-Sephardic surnames, records such as those of the Holy Office of the Holy Inquisitionas well as the available censuses of the different Jewish quarters throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Now, there is a widespread hoax according to which any citizen who bears any of these surnames could apply for Spanish nationality. This is not true, since Spain offers 6 alternatives to prove Sephardic status and none are linked to a specific list of surnames.

Do you have a Jewish-Sephardic last name?

In short, if you have any of the surnames we have mentioned, it would be interesting for you to do a little research on your origins, since There is a possibility that you are descended from Sephardic Jews.

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