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Japan’s ‘Naked Festival’ accepts women for the first time in more than 12 centuries

Japan’s ‘Naked Festival’ accepts women for the first time in more than 12 centuries

Japanese women are now part of the country’s history, although there have been people who have not liked the initiative.

nothing more than a loincloth is the clothing of the almost 10,000 men who participate in the Naked Festival or Hadaka Matsuri in Japan. The oldest is that of Konomiyain Inazawa, Aichi Prefecture, and has about 1,250 years of history. Tradition marks that on the 13th day of the lunar calendar, thousands of believing men gather at the Owari Okunitama-jinja shrine. In its origins it was celebrated with the aim of combating plagues and pestilence, but today it has remained something more symbolic.

Men celebrating the Naked Festival

A “men’s festival”

However, They could not participate in all the rituals, they did not accompany the men on their way to the shrine to play the shin-otoko and drive away evil spirits. The groups of women were well differentiated. Instead of going half naked they wore ‘happi coats’, purple tunics and white shorts. In addition, they paraded separately with their own bamboo offerings. For them, reducing the journey and walking the other way is not so importantat least for now.

After a long day of the same route as the men’s, the sun began to set. When they arrived at the temple They were also sprayed with ice water, their offering was received and, after the established bows, they burst into cheers and cries of happiness. They are convinced that “the times they Are a changing” and who do not want to continue being mere spectators of one of the most important festivals in Japan. And neither of the lives of their parents and husbands.

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