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Jorge Rey announces upcoming storms: the rains of blood arrive

Jorge Rey announces upcoming storms: the rains of blood arrive

The young meteorologist was completely right with his forecast for Easter and now he announces rising temperatures… and new storms.

Behind the bittersweet feeling that this past Holy Week has left us with waterwe are entering April and the predictions for the coming days only surprise us. Jorge Reyknown to everyone since the arrival of the storm Filomena to our country, has made it clear on its different broadcast channels and it seems that temperatures are rising… but We will also have the occasional storm.

‘The temperatures are rising, but the rains are also coming. The Temperatures will reach 30 degrees in southern areaswhile in the northern part of the peninsula they will remain around 22′, says the young man from Burgos in his last video uploaded to Youtube. It also predicts that on Saturday rain is expected in areas of northwest Galicia, Asturias, León and even areas of Extremadura; while on Sunday the rain will spread throughout the geography.

The Burgos meteorologist has spoken of the storm Olivia, which will have nothing to do in terms of intensity with the virulence of that suffered during Easter by the so-called Nelson storm. Now, it does not refer to one of the phenomena that we will surely have to suffer during the next few days: the rains of blood

What are blood rains?

We look again at the Meteored predictionswhich provide quite significant data: ‘There will be concentrations of PM2.5 close to 100 µg/m3 and in PM10 they will reach 250 µg/m3. The WHO stops considering air healthy when it exceeds 15 and 45 µg/m3 respectively’.

Both Jorge Rey, Meteored and the Meteorology Statal Agency They agree in their forecasts for these days. And, although it has already rained ‘the heaviest’, we must not forget the umbrella in this month of April. And, as the saying goes, ‘In April it rains a lot’. Of course, with a heat that corresponds more to the end of May/beginning of June than to the newly released spring.

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