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Mae Kueng Luang Waterfall Places to visit in Phrae Northern City River Heaven in the middle of the forest


Mae Kueng Luang Waterfall Places to visit in Phrae Northern City River Heaven in the middle of the forest

In hot weather like this, you need to find a cool place to travel. Let’s cool down a bit. So come up north and visit. spread Let’s go, because we will take you there. Mae Kueng Luang Waterfall Beautiful natural attractions within Wiang Kosai National Park. Let me tell you that in addition to being beautiful, We can play in the water in a chill way. Come along.

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Places to visit in Phrae, see nature at Mae Kueng Luang Waterfall

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Highlights of Mae Kueng Luang Waterfall

Mae Kueng Luang Waterfall It is a large beautiful waterfall located in Mae Kueng Subdistrict, Wang Chin District, Phrae Province. It has 7 levels with a total distance of 213 meters. It looks similar to steps like that. The river flows down from the top of Doi Mae Kueng. As for the word Mae Kueng, it means steps. The area on the first floor is most suitable for swimming. Because there is a wide basin.

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In addition to the beauty of Mae Kueng Luang Waterfall There are also many beautiful waterfalls nearby, including Mae Sin Waterfall, Mae Chok Waterfall, Mae Paak Waterfall, Mae Rang Waterfall, Khun Huai Waterfall, etc. There are also beautiful viewpoints such as Mon Mae Kueng. Anyone who likes to travel around nature, please stop by here. This beautiful river also has waterfalls throughout the year.

For those who will take their children and grandchildren to visit Mae Kueng Luang Waterfall. You don’t have to worry about safety at all. Because of the national park There are safety measures for tourists like us. I recommend that if you like to go hiking, go hiking. You can go all the way to the top of the 7th floor waterfall, because even though you can’t swim, But it’s beautiful and magnificent. Until the tiredness disappeared

Waterfall attractions in Phrae

Including beautiful nature. In the meantime, let’s have fun watching. Come and relax with nature. Mae Kueng Luang Waterfall, Muang Nuea, in Phrae Province, is really good like this. Who has never stopped by to chill with this water stream? You can’t miss it. Another natural coordinate within Wiang Kosai National Park

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