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Mariscar in Galicia: working with “the best office in the world”

Mariscar in Galicia: working with “the best office in the world”

The shellfish harvesters have four hours from when they start working to collect the shellfish, take it to weigh it, and from there to the fish market.

The sea can be cruel. He can be capricious and brave. But it provides food for many people around the world. Has been home and workplace for Galicians from the annals of History and is the passion of most of them, no matter how long they spend there, no matter how much their skin wrinkles. In the past, the men of the house were those who went out fishing on the high seas, with their boats and their nets. The work of shellfishing was limited to women, that they could invest a few hours in it without hindering the future of the family. That is, they could go out fishing in the mornings and then go back to doing housework. Today the story is very differentalthough women are still the majority.

Working with a rake

María Fontán or shellfish harvester 2.0

His journeys on social networks began in 2019. Before he uploaded content about your work in your personal profilebut he realized that his followers liked the content and decided create an exclusive profile to showcase your work, “just like that.” Over time he has created a community interested in what he does, which asks him how to differentiate clams, what hours they have, the best time to buy seafood… and also receives messages of support saying that they are “warriors of the sea”. He assures that in his area –O Correlo beach– More and more men are becoming equal in number to women, “especially since the 2008 crisis,” he says.

He seafood consumption in Spain It is quite high, but we do not usually think about how the product was achieved. The shellfish collectors have a stipulated few days a month, “If we don’t go, we don’t win”says María, who believes that now “her work is valued a little more”, but it still does not reach what it deserves. She explains that “you always listen to people complain about the price of seafood“, without thinking about what it costs to get it. They have two ways of doing it, one is with a rake on the shore and the other is with fork, wading into the water up to the waist. Also the days when the weather is not good.

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