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Private island caretakers wanted: best job in the world

Private island caretakers wanted: best job in the world

Living on a paradise island may be possible thanks to some job offers. We show you how to search so you don’t miss the opportunity to have the best job in the world.

‘Choose a job you like and you will never have to work a day in your life’ is a phrase from Confucius that we should all keep in mind when looking for how to earn our bread. Now, if you already have your work life on track and working as a digital nomad is not your thing, you should know that There is a job that many would not hesitate to describe as the best in the world: caretaker of a private island.

If what you just read sounded good to you, but you don’t know where to start lookingwe are going to give you the keys so that you can be attentive and know how to detect job opportunities to be able to live on a private island.

From time to time, news tends to come out that echoes various job offers as private island caregivers. The latest advertisement of this type offered a job for two people who had to take care of a private island in the British Virgin Islands in exchange for a generous salary and spectacular views of one of the most incredible landscapes in the world.

A priori it may be the dream job (and it is), but unfortunately you have to meet a series of requirements: The first of these was to have extensive experience in luxury accommodation and UHNW properties, but it was also required to have a solid knowledge of high-end properties and landscapes.

If you meet these characteristics we have two news: one bad and one good. The bad thing is that this offer that we have mentioned no longer accepts requests, while the good thing is that… These types of offers usually come out on a recurring basis.

How to find work as a private island caretaker?

A page that you should have controlled is the one on the Fairfax & Kensington agencysince they usually have quite a few offers to work with high-standing families. Jobs of all kinds are offered, from cooks to child minders, but, from time to time, advertisements appear to work on a private island. Have their headquarters in Londonbut the work destination can be anywhere in the world.

If you love the Balearic Islands and working on a private island is your dream, you can also contact those in charge of recruiting personnel for the island of Tagomago, since this island It is rented with service personnel included. Among Tagomago’s workers there is an island manager, private chef, kitchen or cleaning staff, as well as water sports captains or garden and pool maintenance managers. They do not publish job offers on their website, but you can contact them to propose yourself as a candidate.

A last proposal to be able to work taking care of a private island is pay attention to the different job portals. In IndeedFor example, there are quite curious offers if you do a search with the keywords ‘Island Caretaker’. In addition, there are always other alternatives for those who are in love with dark tourism, such as cemetery caretakers or in schools that are closed during the students’ vacation period.

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