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Robinson’s summer: six islands to dream of vacations now

Robinson’s summer: six islands to dream of vacations now

A particular trip around the world from island to island.

Digital nomadism allows us to live and work from almost anywhere in the world, even emulating Robinson Crusoe on a desert island, but equipped with Wi-Fi. To these travelers, and to those who simply seek to disconnect, we dedicate our particular around the world from island to island.

King penguin colony on the South Georgia Islands.

Oceania: French Polynesia

Occupying 117 islands spread across a portion of the South Pacific that occupies an area similar to Europe, French Polynesia is a protectorate that many do not hesitate to accept. identify with paradise, although a good part of its surface arose from the wild roar of an infernal volcano. Others are of coral origin, but they all share the turquoise waters that have fascinated painters and writers for centuries. Tahiti and Bora Bora, The most important of the Society Archipelago have steep mountains that, in addition to framing the landscape, challenge the most athletic.

Fuipisia waterfall in Upolu, Samoa island.

Africa: Madagascar

Marco Polo lied like a scoundrel when he said that there were more elephants on this island than anywhere else. There have never been any, but in the shadows of its forests live five different families of lemurs, primates that French explorers mistook for ghosts. Of Asian population in the east, deeply African in the west, the Tsiribinha and Manambolo rivers They are the border of water that must be crossed to see the cathedral-like karst formations of the Tsingys of Bemaraha on one side or the infinite rows of baobabs from the Menabe region of the other.

The famous Avenue of the Baobabs in the Menabe region.

Panama: Kuna Yala

The Kuna of the iSan Blas islands, in Panama, They occupy a semi-autonomous territory consisting of 365 keys, of which only 10 offer simple accommodation. There are no big resorts here, because the respect for the environment of this town It even prohibits the practice of scuba diving with oxygen cylinders.

Towards the Caribbean through the San Blas mountain range.

In San Blas they live without watches or shoes, decorating their ankles with fine strings of beads called chaquiras and wearing molas, four-layer embroidered fabrics. If we are lucky, we will even be greeted by the saila or chief of Mandi Yala, up the Mandinga River, already on the coast.

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