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‘Slow travel’, the new way of traveling by sea from Explora Journeys

‘Slow travel’, the new way of traveling by sea from Explora Journeys

It began sailing the big blue in 2023 and has already left its mark with a unique proposal of relaxed luxury without ostentation. His guests discover the planet without haste, but at the same time they undertake an unexpected journey through their inner world.

Travel to the crossroads of the classical world, enjoy the sunset of Mykonos and the wonders of Macedonia, Rhodes or Istanbul; following in the footsteps of Homer or surrendering to the beauty of coastal cities on the Adriatic or the Aegean are just some of the dream trips it offers. Explore Journeys, the luxury brand at sea from the MSC Group to achieve a state of complete well-being: physical, intellectual and sensory.

The Ocean State of Mind

This is what it calls Explore Journeys to that emotional connection that the guest —is not a passenger or client— achieves communion with the seathe sensations you experience on your impressive boat, the attention of your hosts – they prefer this term to crew – and the coexistence with the rest of the travelers eager for unrepeatable adventures.

Emporium Marketplace Restaurant at Explora I.

Another differential identity feature is the search for excellence with unique, immersive and atypical experiences in the destination designed to the millimeter to experience the essence of the places, but at a slow pace and with large doses of adventure, an exclusive trip to the public’s taste. European, but especially Spanish. Or is it not original to go to the Truffle hunting in the private forest of an old Istrian family of collectors in Croatia? It is also tempting, and rare on a cruise, to tour a city like Lucca (Italy) by bicycle, to discover it without rushing and delight in the panoramic view from the top of its walls while enjoying a picnic with a Tuscan flavor.

The fleet grows

With the launching last year of the EXPLORE I The history of this company began the concept of cruising has changed with his philosophy slow travel; its commitment to the diversity of destinations, combining the most famous and irresistible ones with others less traveled; on-board entertainment without schedules or personalized attention to your guests from the moment of booking until their return home. But these are just some of the distinctive features of this modern and casual company that has in its DNA the sustainability and European luxury far from opulence and classic stereotypes.

This summer, EXPLORA II will begin its travels and it will be the second of the six ships that will make up the brand new fleet of this Swiss company in 2028 that is revolutionizing the sector with its differential offer.

Sakura Restaurant at Explora I.

Both EXPLORE They will sail the Mediterranean and Western Europe until the end of November or beginning of December and then They can head to the Caribbean to continue offering special and unique moments, which can be remembered when smelling the Mandala Blue fragrance that perfumer Alberto Morillas has created for the shipping company.

Like at home

As soon as you set foot on board the ship, the guest feels as if you were at home, or better, because you have at your disposal a person willing to help you whenever you need it. Additionally, you will enjoy the comfort of one of the 461 suites, penthouses or residences of 42 m2 on average, of the largest on the market, decorated in a natural and very refined style, but you will only appreciate the details of the decoration after recovering from the impact of the picture of the blue horizon behind the large floor-to-ceiling window or from the terrace, some with a hydromassage bathtub.

Explora I Spa.

Although it is irresistible to stay in this reserved space, you have to overcome the temptation, because the boat offers a endless offer of entertainment to have fun, relax and unwind: outdoor pools, art gallery, cooking school, spa, fitness area, casino, artisan shops, 12 bars and lounges… and six restaurants with a varied and select gastronomy to take on the world .

For all ages

On a boat 248 meters in length, there is room for everyone. It is enriching that adults, young people and children share experiences, but there are also times when each group needs its own space.

For families, itExplora ships have 78 suites interconnected and offer leisure plans in the destinations. At the front of deck 12 is the Helios Pool & Bar, the area reserved for adults only.

And the youngest can gather in the Nautilus Club, where they can play video games and virtual reality consoles, participate in technological tournaments, do sports or crafts… Fun is guaranteed and it is a good opportunity to make friends.

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