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The 10 favorite European countries of someone who has been to them all

The 10 favorite European countries of someone who has been to them all

Neither Italy nor Norway nor Croatia are on the list.

Have you ever fantasized about visiting all the countries on the European continent without exception? To be able to say that I have nowhere left to cross off the list? He Spanish explorer Dídac Medrano He has done it and in a video on his account TikTok talks about the 10 destinations that have captivated you the most of everyone.

First? It probably won’t surprise you much: Switzerland. Despite being the most expensive country in the world, she says, it is heaven on earth thanks to the beauty of the southern Alps, of lakes like Leman, its spectacular roads and its trains, which it classifies as the best in the world. It is the country of stories par excellence. The country of idyllic postcards.

And immediately after is Türkiye, a country whose low prices, spectacular food and architecture, which he considers the most beautiful in all of Europe. It is a rare bird from the continent. Another world within our world. And something similar happens with the third on the list. Is about Russia. There, Medrano writes in his TikTok post, you can enjoy cities as magical as Saint Petersburg, Volgograd or the towns that make up the Caucasus region. Oh, and he assures that the Western perspective of the Russian population is full of stereotypes that are not fulfilled even a bit. No serious Russians who refuse to help you and kick you out of the country.

But if you want to live a different experience to everything that continental Europe can offer, Medrano recommends you Icelandwhere are you going to see waterfalls unthinkable, volcanoesblack sand beaches, glaciers, Aurora borealis and many other natural spectacles. In addition, the group usually travels around the country in an air-conditioned van and meets along the way. Surely you know people. And from there you can go, later, to the fifth favorite european country from this traveler: Bosnia and Herzegovinawhich he says represents “the Balkan essence at its maximum splendor”. And keep an eye on Sarajevo, its capital. Maybe you fall in love hard and spend three weeks talking about her.

The number six spot is occupied by Slovenia, which, says Medrano, mixes “Germanic, Latin and Slavic culture” like no other corner of this planet. then comes EstoniaWhat does it seem to be the most beautiful Baltic country of all.

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