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The country where shaking your head means ‘yes’ and affirming is ‘no’

The country where shaking your head means ‘yes’ and affirming is ‘no’

Customs can be very different and even contrary to the rest of the world.

The culture and Traditions vary from country to country, even between cities. The gastronomy, the customs, the way of dressing, the accent, the expressions and even the language. When traveling through a country it often feels like you are visiting completely different places, which is not even lived under the same legislation, even if it is on the same continent. For example, there are places in Europe where the usual thing is moving your head up and down to say no and sideways to say yes.

Although we are accustomed to the opposite, society indicates that The normative is not always what happens everywhere. The theory that defends this human gesture that until now we believed to be universal is Charles Darwin. He explains it in his 1872 book ‘The Expression of the Movements of the Mind in Man and Animals’. He spent several years investigating these events, sending questions to missionaries around the world as if “he moves his head vertically in affirmation, and laterally in denial.”

Various theories

There is several theories who want to explain this phenomenon that for the rest of Europeans is so strange. One of them blames the Turks. It is said that when they conquered the country they forced the Bulgarians to renounce their Christian faith under the imposing threat of a sword to the neck. So when asked if they accepted Allah as god, they They moved their heads up and down but deep down they thought the opposite..

Kruja old town in Albania

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