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The curious way of receiving dogs at the Madrid airport

The curious way of receiving dogs at the Madrid airport

A passenger captured the warm welcome that the Barajas Airport staff gave to her pet, who was traveling in the hold of the plane.

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Travel with your pet It can be a very difficult decision to make. Between the cost of the ticket, the number of vaccines and the controls that the animal requires, many choose not to do it. Added to this is the stress that the animal can experiencesince like any living being, this situation can cause anxiety and nervousness.

However, sometimes love and circumstances overcome all these obstacles. This was Julia’s casewho fleeing from the war in russiatraveled to Madrid and He did not hesitate to take his dog with him.

A viral video shows how airport staff receive pets in Barajas

Upon arriving in Barajas, Julia witnessed a situation that caught her attention and she couldn’t help but record it. Her little dog – which arrived in her small cage on the conveyor belt – was welcomed with open arms by the staff of the airport. Upon seeing the animal, a gesture of joy and excitement was reflected in the employee’s face. Also, after removing it from the tape, The man was in charge of placing it carefully on the forklift.

What is it like to travel with your dog by plane?

Planning a vacation with your pet is never the easiest option. Whether traveling on the AVE or any airline, transport the animals to another destination involves taking into account several considerations. Although requirements may vary by airline, there are some that are usually common:

  • Health certificate: The animal must undergo a complete examination by a veterinarian who certifies its well-being and the absence of communicable diseases.
  • Vaccines: In addition to the health document, it is necessary that the dog be up to date with all its vaccines. Some destinations may require additional immunizations.
  • Proper transportation: Just like we have our seat, they need an appropriate carrier or cage to travel safely during the flight. These vehicles must meet certain size and ventilation standards.
  • Advance reservation: It is important to notify the airline in advance of the animal’s presence so they can verify space availability.
  • Breed and size restrictions: Some companies may have limitations on which breeds of dogs can travel in the cabin and which must go in the cargo hold.

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