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The Decathlon bag to travel for free on cheap flights

The Decathlon bag to travel for free on cheap flights

Complies with the hand luggage measurements required by airlines such as Ryanair or Vueling.

The airlines they increasingly squeeze travelers with the cheap flights. The restrictions are increasing incessantly and, although the trip is very well priced, the truth is that more and more you have to take into account the added extras when it comes to knowing how much each flight costs.

And it is that a Cheap flight may well come out 50 euros on a round trip, a price to which we will then have to add the choice of seat and, of course, the last and most criticized requirement: luggage. To the point that transporting a Cabin bag It can cost the same as the flight ticket. Something unthinkable a few years ago but which represents an obstacle for travelers looking to make a getaway at a good price.

Hand luggage: Ryanair or Vueling policy

Currently, the baggage policy of many airlines low-cost, such as Ryanair or Vueling, only allow what is called hand luggage to be brought on board: a bag or backpack of certain dimensions. One and only one, so no more carrying a bag with clothes and a bag to transport our personal belongings and carry them more at hand. Doing so may result in the airline requiring you to check in one of the two packages at a not insignificant price, so it seems better not to tempt fate.

The ideal backpack involves carrying the necessary luggage.

The solution is to choose carefully what clothes to include in your luggage, leaving all the ‘just in case’ at home (a pair of pants in case I get dirty, another sweater in case it’s cold, a jacket in case it gets cold or some boots in case if the weather changes) and be aware of the clothes you will actually need. Getaways of this type are usually between two and four days, so you really won’t need too many clothes. One has to be practical and put only what you are going to wear.

To avoid paying for luggage, you can buy a bag of specific dimensions required by cheap flight companies, or opt for an even cheaper solution: a small Decathlon bag that does not reach 8 euros and that serves you perfectly for traveling.

So this economical and comfortable Decathlon bag becomes a fantastic option to be able to use it as hand luggage on cheap flights and thus not have to pay more for a cabin suitcase.

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