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The first non-stop, all-electric flight around the world

The first non-stop, all-electric flight around the world

Exploring the skies aboard a plane that will be completely electric.

In a world where sustainability and the innovation are increasingly united, Solar Airship One emerges as a beacon of hope and progress. Designed by the Euro Airship company, this completely electric airship has the ambition of carrying out the first non-stop round-the-world flightscheduled for the year 2026. With the promise of covering approximately 25,000 miles in a 20-day adventureSolar Airship One sets out to challenge the limits of what is possible and open a new chapter in aviation history.

New horizons in aviation

Euro Airship, driven by a bold vision for a cleaner, more sustainable future, has set out to accomplish an unprecedented feat in aviation history: a round-the-world flight. without depending on fossil fuels. With the power of the sun and hydrogen as allies, this electric airship will navigate the skies, crossing 25 countries, two oceans and several seas. The technology used includes a solar film that will cover the entire upper surface of the airship, providing direct and constant electrical energy during the day. Additionally, excess electricity will be stored in fuel cells, producing hydrogen through the electrolysis of water to keep the ship running. This combination of solar energy and hydrogen It eliminates the need for fossil fuels and keeps the airship on a smooth, electric path throughout the flight.

The future of aviation: ecological and visionary

Solar Airship One would become an engineering marvel, with an aluminum structure that encloses 15 helium envelopes, each of which will be managed independently. This capability allows for instant response and anticipation of weather events, ensuring safe and smooth travel in any weather condition. Equipped with an automatic defrost system and a double envelope that stabilizes pressures and regulates internal temperatures, this airship is designed to face all the challenges that a trip around the world throws at it.

The team that will pilot Solar Airship One will include astronaut and French Air Force pilot Michel Tognini, as well as balloon pilot Bertrand Piccard, among other experts. Their mission is not only to achieve success in this historic flight, but also to inspire future generations and catalyze a change towards greener and more sustainable mobility in the field of aviation. With construction scheduled to begin in 2024, Euro Airship is preparing to write a new chapter in aviation history, one where innovation and sustainability rise together toward new horizons of possibility.

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