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The first park designed by Dalí and other artists reopens after 35 years

The first park designed by Dalí and other artists reopens after 35 years

It was an ambitious project that finished in the same summer that it was inaugurated, in 1987.

One summer in 1987, the Austrian artist André Heller opened in Hamburg (Germany) a project under the name Luna Luna: an amusement park with installations created by the artists of the moment. Definitely, a dream for the little ones and another for art lovers. It only operated during that summer, but those months were enough for it to become the first artistic amusement park in the world. Although its author expected it to be something much bigger – some 250,000 people visited it – it stayed put in the summer of ’87. After 35 years without operating, the park’s treasures were recovered of 44 containers from Los Angeles, the city of stars, and has now been reopened more than 9,000 kilometers away.

Keith Haring's Carousel

Art and play

The city council of Vienna did not want to continue with the project and Heller sold it for six million dollars to the Stepehen and Mary Birch Foundation, an entity established in San Diego, California. They fell into oblivion and in 2007 they transported to a facility in the Texas desert, where they remained hidden for 15 years. The current promoters assure that they continue “working hard to create new experiences that combine art and play“, while pursuing “the long-term goal of building the next version of Luna Luna: an artistic amusement park with contemporary artists“.

Although even today they are considered too valuable and delicate to be given the use for which they were intended, so It’s more like an art exhibition. than to an amusement park. What does work with the object for which it was designed is the Heller chapel, where it is possible Getting married “under the eccentric law of Luna Luna” for a price of ten dollars. Everyone who visits it affirms that it is a place full of magic, joy and, of course, art. A different way of seeing the world, a possibility to escape from harsh reality and take refuge among the most bizarre avant-garde.

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