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The history of cinema begins in France: where was the first film filmed?

The history of cinema begins in France: where was the first film filmed?

Discover where the first film in the history of cinema was filmed and projected, lasting just 46 seconds.

Those spectators who were scared when they saw a train arriving at the station were not able to imagine where cinema would go. His precursors, the Lumiere brothers, at first they showed scenes of daily life, like their contemporaries. Cinematography was closer to display technical aspects than telling fictional stories. Although hollywood is considered the cradle of cinema as we know it, it really was France the country where he was born.

The Lumiere brothers

The first recording of history

Although the true pioneer is Le Prince, the truth is that the first most important screening was that of ‘The departure of the workers from the Lumière factory’. This 46-second film that gave rise to what we know today as the seventh art, showed what the title already says. The brothers believed that cinema was “an invention without a future” and they did not expect the success obtained with a simple experiment. Little by little it became more complicated, with the incursion of novelties such as special effects from the hand of Second of Chomón or Georges Méliès.

The cradle of cinema and the Lumières

Villa Lumière in Lyon

These origins found their headquarters in a welcoming and friendly city, whose old town has been declared Heritage of humanity by unesco. Lyon floats between Rhône and Saône rivers and its visitors agree that it houses one of the best cuisines in the entire country. Its history goes back more than two thousand years, becoming the capital of Roman Gaul and an important commercial city during the Middle Ages.

Lyon landscape

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