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The library that looks like something out of a fantasy movie: welcome to George Peabody Library

The library that looks like something out of a fantasy movie: welcome to George Peabody Library

The organization of the books in the Baltimore library marked a before and after in the world of libraries, and in addition to having unique copies, its beauty is impressive.

People say that If you can’t travel, you can read a book, since the pages will transport you to other worlds. Although the list of benefits of reading is endless, it is not the same to imagine an unknown breeze caressing your skin, mixed with smells and sounds that you cannot recognize, and sunlight landing on the creations of the universe with different tones, which live it in the flesh.

The library took longer than expected to open, but you know: good things take time to wait.

With the $300,000 that Peabody donated to start the library, it was planned inaugurated in 1860but again, its objectives were interrupted by another armed conflict: the American Civil War. This conflict that lasted four years (1861-1865) marked world history, since it ended (at least “officially”) slavery in one of the countries where this dynamic was the driving force of civilization. It is interesting to note that the abolition of slavery in Spain was not completed until 1886, as businessmen in the big cities used people from Cuba as labor for their businesses.

George Peabody was a renowned philanthropist in the United States during the 19th century.

hIt was not until 1866 that the construction of the library could begin.but the first librarian, John Morris, used this time to prepare the organization of the library with Peabody. They studied the most important literary works of the West, and created a list of 50,000 books that they requested to be cared for in the library. Subsequent librarians and assistants continued the tradition, and Philip Reese Ushler He expanded the library in the scientific field.

The library can be explored for its architecture and for its literary content.

The library established one before and one after in the methods of classification of academic libraries, but in addition to its importance on an intellectual level, we must talk about architecture, which is a visual spectacle. Even if you are not interested in American history or books, you should visit the George Peabody Library simply for its beauty, as it is considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

The architect Edmund G. Lind was responsible for this design, which features a neo-greek interior with a marble floor that alternates white and black. The roof rises to almost 20 metersand crowns it a skylight that illuminates the collections displayed on the shelves.

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