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The map that shows the origin of all the dogs in the world: can you find yours?

The map that shows the origin of all the dogs in the world: can you find yours?

This map by artist Lili Chin does not fit the geography because it prioritizes dog representation.

The artist Lili Chin has illustrated a map of the world where it represents the origin of 366 racesand has even included some that are not part of the American Kennel Club list nor from the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, which are two of the most important canine organizations in the world. In this way, the artist claims that dogs that are not purebred deserve the same love as others. If you have entered this article it is because you like animals, so… Can you find your pet on the map?

What races are from Spain according to the map?

Spanish Water Dog

Water dogs are very loved by their owners.

This type of dog has a long history that dates back more than ten centuries in Spain, especially in the regions of Andalusia and the north of the country. It is believed that these dogs entered the Iberian Peninsula by Turkish traders more than a thousand years ago, during the period of Al Andalus. Throughout their history in Spain, they have been used as sheepdogs, hunting dogs and working dogs in the water (a fact reflected in its name). These dogs are intelligent, energetic, and above all loyal.

Pyrenean Mastiff

This breed is known for its balanced, loyal and protective character. Pyrenean Mastiffs are very brave, which makes them excellent guardians. Despite their imposing size, they are usually calm and kind with his family. They are especially good with children and they get along well with other animals if taught to socialize from an early age. The name of the breed refers to its origin: it is believed that it comes from the Aragonese Pyrenees, and for years they have helped shepherds protect livestock from predators such as wolves and bears.

spanish mastiff

Spanish mastiffs undertook long journeys with their human companions.

The Spanish Mastiff is a highly valued breed not only for its size and strengthbut also for its loyalty and protective nature. Over the centuries, they have proven to be valuable companions and reliable guardians, which is why shepherds throughout history have trusted them to accompany them on long journeys.

Ibizan Hound

The studies do not reveal whether the hound goes out to party, even if it is from Ibiza.

The “Ca Eivissenc”, as it is called in Ibiza, arrived with humans on the island when it was founded in the year 654 BC. C. Although there are theories that claim that this breed arrived on the Peninsula ago 3,000 years from the Middle Eastit is most likely a descendant of European hunting dogs. A curiosity about this breed is that the Ibizan Hounds are “clowns”, since they like to entertain their families.

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