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The most beautiful train in Spain costs only 40 euros

The most beautiful train in Spain costs only 40 euros

And connect with another that can take you to the heart of the Pyrenees.

Night trains are back, the most nostalgic and beloved way to travel by land.

The train is the means of transportation of the future. Yes, you read correctly: from the future, because it is infinitely more sustainable than the plane, and in these moments of undeniable climate crisis we need to embrace the greenest solutions. That of catch flights of one or two hours to go to places that you can easily reach by train must end. Is irresponsible. Very irresponsible. And you also miss out on a good part of the charm of the trip: trains offer you the chance to enjoy not only the beauty of the destination but also the beauty that lives in the lands in between. You contemplate meadows. You contemplate rivers. You contemplate mountains. Much better than simple clouds.

This train passes through the spectacular Mallos de Riglos, in Huesca

A unique landscape away from everything

And you don’t get to just any place: you get to Huesca, a small but charming city where you can stuff yourself with mountain asparagus, Goguera empanadas, chiretas or Binéfar recao, traditional dishes from the region that you will hardly be able to enjoy with such quality anywhere else on the planet. . In addition, they point out from this medium, you can also go to the small towns around. One of them, the medieval town of Aínsa, was listed as most beautiful town in Spain. The best of all? The train costs less than 40 euros. A cheap, sustainable and serene way to discover new corners. Quality tourism.

Is it too short for you? If what you are looking for is to continue being amazed by dreamlike landscapes, we recommend that you take the train to Sabiñánigo, which takes an hour and costs 10 euros and there the Avanza bus for 5 euros to Torla, located in the beautiful Ordesa y Monte National Park Lost. And then your head will go away: You will be in the heart of the Pyrenees, in a captivating mountain town surrounded by a multitude of hiking routes. “Among the most popular is the Cola de Caballo route, a walk between rivers, waterfalls and waterfalls” with which you will have the opportunity to reconnect with your most biophilic side. Why go to the other side of the globe?

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