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The new type of travel: traveling alone on a cruise

The new type of travel: traveling alone on a cruise

Lone sailors, lower your sails!

In a world where loneliness is sometimes feared, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) has transformed the perception of solo travel, offering a unique experience to those looking to venture unaccompanied into the vast ocean. If you have ever dreamed of sailing alone, this type of travel invites you to explore the world at your own pace.

Norwegian Cruise Line, a pioneer in the cruise industry, has revolutionized the way loners embark on their journey. If you are that intrepid explorer looking to enjoy your own company on the high seas, or you are simply the single traveler in the group, NCL has a range of options at your disposal for you to plan. a tailor-made holiday.

On all Norwegian voyages, there are endless opportunities to intertwine stories with other passengers who share the bravery of embarking on this journey alone. Exclusive meetings for singlesonboard bar crawls, and the nightly happy hour are just some of the social experiences that weave unique connections amidst the infinite blue.

Norwegian Cruise Line has gone further by building staterooms and common areas exclusively for those who embrace solo adventure. Studio cabins, designed with the ideal size for one person, offer not only comfort but also the possibility of meeting other solo travelers in the cozy Studio Lounge.

There was a time when going on a solo cruise meant spending a fortune, paying the cost of double occupancy for a single-person cabin. But NCL has come to the rescue with its award-winning Studio staterooms, where no supplement for individual travelers. The Solo Inside, Solo Oceanview and Solo Balcony categories are a Norwegian first. Solo travelers now have more opportunities to explore exciting destinations such as Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

From relaxing at the Ice Bar to participating in a margarita tasting class, you’ll have plenty of time to pamper yourself at the spa and enjoy Broadway-style entertainment in the evening. Shore excursions offer another fun way to meet up with fellow travelers, as well as participate in onboard activities.

Whether you travel alone by choice, are the extra companion in your group, or simply prefer this option with a friend, Norwegian Cruise Line makes the experience to navigate alone easy and pleasant. So, lone sailor, adventure awaits you on the ocean horizon!

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