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The reason that ruins vacations for international travelers every day

The reason that ruins vacations for international travelers every day

There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like your vacation is cut short before you start enjoying it and, unfortunately, there is a reason that ruins it for passengers all over the world every day.

You have been preparing your vacation for a long time and this year you have decided to embark on ‘the trip of your life’. You’re going to cross the world to discover other lands, other cultures and other people. You have prepared everything conscientiously and when the day finally arrives, at the airport you discover that the trip is in serious danger. What a task, to put it in a ‘politically correct’ way. And all for one reason you didn’t pay attention to… Here we explain what it is so that you are prepared and there are no setbacks that ruin your trip.

Any traveler knows that when it comes to plan a trip You have to take into account the bureaucratic requirements for entry to the destination country, right? It is also known that immigration queues at airports are one of the most tedious things when entering or leaving a country. Well, you have to pay attention because a simple stopover can make your vacation go to hell.

Passport ready

Ok, we now have everything ready to travel: suitcase, money, chargers, smartphone, passport… The trip is long, with a stopover of a few hours in the United States, before reaching our destination. We arrive at the airport and at the check-in counter they ask us to show the ESTA. The ‘ESTA’ what?

Each country has its own immigration policies

ESTA is a program that allows citizens of participating countries to travel to the United States for tourism or business, and remain in the country for a maximum of 90 days, without needing to obtain a visitor visa. And here comes the big problem, since many travelers do not know that, to set foot in the United States, even if it is only for a few hours and as part of a stopover to a new destination outside of American soil, it is mandatory to have requested this document. .

You cannot set foot on American soil without ESTA.  Here, the Los Angeles airport.

So that this ‘small detail’ does not ruin your vacation, you must obtain the ESTA before traveling and with enough time. Of course, if your destination is not the United States and you are simply going to enter territory as part of a stopover, you must follow some instructions.

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