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The shared hotel startup that will change the hotel sector: this is twoller

The shared hotel startup that will change the hotel sector: this is twoller

This emerging company competes with large companies in the accommodation sector such as Airbnb or Booking.

People who book and share a hotel room through twoller will be able to save about half the total cost of accommodation, while meeting new people.

It is an online platform that is presented as the perfect alternative for those who like to travel at the best price, but without giving up the comfort and tranquility of staying in a good hotel room, this is how twoller is defined. People will be able to choose the destination and who they will share it with, filtering by common interests, hobbies or plans during their trip. All while saving a significant amount on the total room price compared to traveling on your own.

In a world designed to be managed by two, from paying the rent for an apartment to facing a mortgage, twoller contributes its grain of sand in the tourist accommodation sector. “It is not necessary for people to sacrifice their comfort, safety or finances because they do not have a partner or friends to travel with. The idea of ​​twoller is to bring together like-minded people to share a hotel room, and if they want, activities at their destination.“, after having studied the new travel trends and consumption patterns in this regard,” says Álex Godoy Varela, the young man from A Coruña who promises to change the hotel sector at 21 years of age.

The market speaks and twoller listens to it. According to WYSE, the main global association specialized in youth tourism, for 80% of the millennial generation, price is the determining factor when choosing accommodation. Added to the fact that their purchasing power is lower than that of previous generations, the opportunity to share a hotel with two-sellers seems promising for the tourism sector. booming thanks to new generations who prefer to allocate their money to experiences, such as trips, rather than material goods.

This startup founded in the Galician community goes on the market with an offer of national and international destinations for the Easter holidays, a key date for the tourism sector, and among which we can find packages to travel to Seville, Lisbon, Vienna, New York and other emblematic cities. Twoller is supported by leading people such as Alu Rodríguez Vallejo, former Vice President of Transformation of the NH hotel chain, or Pablo Rodríguez González, CEO of HACK A BOSS, one of the leading scaleups at the national level.

The proposal of this emerging company not only focuses on people who travel saving, but also on their safety. There are many stories of budget accommodations that do not end well; extremely small spaces, poor cleaning, illegal cameras and even missing luggage. Peace of mind during each trip is a priority for twoller, which will ensure that all users of the platform enjoy the comfort and security of a traditional hotel, at a reduced cost.

The main disadvantage of hostels and staying in rooms in private homes is that travelers are forced to live with completely unknown people. On the other hand, with twoller, you will be able to know the interests, hobbies, hobbies and tastes of each profile, to choose the ideal person for each of your trips, depending on what you are looking for: going to concerts and events, outdoor adventures free, learning languages ​​or simply meeting new people are just some of the possibilities.

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