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The strangest job in the world: ice harvester in Greenland

The strangest job in the world: ice harvester in Greenland

A Greenland startup prepares gigantic blocks of ice that are sold to Cocktail bars in the United Arab Emirates.

We travel to Greenland to discover one of the strangest professions in the worldthat of ice harvester. And even stranger is the final destination of the large blocks of ice that these harvesters are in charge of preparing: end up in the most exclusive cocktail bars in the United Arab Emirates…8,000 kilometers away!

In Greenland, most of the population (around 56,000 people) lives on the coast surrounded by fjords, particularly in the southwest, since the northern part is much more inhospitable due to its position above the Arctic Circle.

Greenland’s economy is largely based on fishing and huntingalthough tourism is gaining ground, since many travelers decide to experience natural phenomena such as the midnight sun in summer or the northern lights in winter.

Hunters, fishermen and now… ice harvesters thanks to a startup that sends ice from an ancient glacier extracted from the fjords to the United Arab Emirates to sell it in exclusive bars. At first glance it may sound crazy, but the use of ice from glaciers is common in Greenland and is now beginning to be exported.

Ice blocks ready to be turned into cocktails.

The characteristics that make this ice so appreciated come from its location, since it has been Compressed for millennia, it has no bubbles and melts more slowly than normal ice. It is also purer than the frozen mineral water typically used in Dubai ice cubes.

Cocktails in the United Arab Emirates made with Greenland ice.

At Ice Natural Ice Industry LLC they maintain that their ice is environmentally friendly, since they only extract a type of ice known as black ice, which has not been in contact with the bottom or surface of the glacier. Once the ice is extracted, it is placed in refrigerated boxes that travel to Denmark and from there they embark on a boat trip that will have Dubai as its final destination.

Work as an ice harvester Not only is it a very strange profession, but it is an excellent opportunity for Greenlanders not to be financially dependent on Denmark.

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