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The trick of changing money: learn it for your next trip

The trick of changing money: learn it for your next trip

If you plan to travel outside the European Union, you should take into account some details to avoid losing money with the currency exchange.

Change money to travel outside the European Union It is not a trivial matter; In fact, it is almost as important as buying the plane ticket, reserving accommodation, having a valid passport and the corresponding visas or getting the mandatory vaccinations.

In general terms You will always be able to make payments directly with your card, even if the currency is different from that of your country of origin. The payment types offered by cards for payments abroad are usually better than those offered for currency exchange, but they also usually have a commission for each payment. Therefore, it is more advantageous pay large amounts with credit card while, for those who are smaller, it is advisable to use cash. Here you can read about virtual cards, perfect if you have to change currency.

It is advisable to pay attention to currency exchange commissions.

Where can I change money when I travel?

Before exchanging money to travel, it is essential know all the commissions what this entails so as not to get surprises at the last moment. Therefore, it is important that we know where we can go to carry out this procedure andLet’s check what exchange rate they offer.

The exchange rate is set by the European Central Bank.

Airports and hotels: both in airports and in most hotels you can get exchange to the local currency, but the truth is that it is not usually an alternative that compensates too much. The change is usually quite negative for the client and quite high commissions are usually applied.

ATMs in the destination country: This option is one of the most convenient to change currency, but before traveling it would be interesting study the commissions that apply for withdrawing money with a Spanish card.

Changing currency at the airport is usually not the best option.

And, once the available alternatives are known, it is time to implement the money exchange trick, which you should learn for your next trip. To do this, you have to try to plan your expenses and make an estimate of the money you will need. Once calculated, you have to change currency and The trick is to keep an eye on the currency exchange rate of the destination country.. If you have closed the trip in time, frequently look at its evolution and, as if you were a true financial expert, choose the right moment. For it, There are web pages that allow you to create a currency exchange alertwhich warn you when the market improves and the change is much more beneficial for your pocket.

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