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The trick to not paying for hand luggage, according to a flight attendant

The trick to not paying for hand luggage, according to a flight attendant

Forget about paying more for your carry-on luggage and discover how to carry more things, according to a TCP.

From cross-check to ramps: dictionary to understand everything we hear on the plane.

Many travelers feel tremendously confused when taking a plane due, mainly, to the changes that different airlines make regarding the measurements of hand luggage.

Do you know how to pack your suitcase efficiently?

  • Plan what you are going to wear each day and forget about the ‘just in case’. They take up too much space and it will be much cheaper to buy something at the destination if, suddenly, a plan arises that you had not planned for.
  • Follow the best expert tips to pack a suitcase Marie Kondo style. Folding clothes into a roll usually takes up much less space.
  • The things that take up the most space (sweater, coat or shoes) you can carry them with you. Yes, we know it’s a pain to have to take off your boots at airport security, but in exchange, you’ll get more things in your luggage.
  • The same thing happens with certain accessories such as caps, helmets, glasses or belts… If they are worn, more space in the suitcase for other things.

If, despite following all these tips, you cannot fit everything you need in your suitcase, it is time to discover the definitive trick that a TCP has snitched on us. And it is possible buy a backpack that meets all regulatory measures that also performs vacuum compression and reduces luggage to unsuspected limits. These special backpacks can be purchased online from Amazon, AliExpress or Temu if you are looking for a middle option.

Thanks to these tips, hand luggage will no longer be a source of concern when you board the plane.

If you prefer to make a good investment, the brand airback offers good quality pieces starting at 179 euros and, if, on the other hand, you want to spend as little as possible, you can always purchase small plastic bags that can also be vacuumed with the device that is sold together for just under 20 euros for a batch of 5 bags.

In short, with the tips you just read and a vacuum compression backpack, forget about paying extra for your hand luggage. Stewardess’s little word.

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