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The trick to pay less for hand luggage on Ryanair: “You will save 50%”

The trick to pay less for hand luggage on Ryanair: “You will save 50%”

A user of the social network X (former Twitter) shows the steps to follow on the flight company’s website.

Despite the complaints and numerous criticisms received, paying for hand luggage when we take a plane seems to have prevailed in most flight companies. However, there is a trick that, as shown by a user of the social network

This is @nomadito, who shows in one of his publications the steps to follow on the flight company’s website. “If you are going to buy a Ryanair flight and you have hand luggage, do not buy it the first time they show it to you, nor the second time,” begins by explaining this user of social network “log in and – the third time – it will cost you 50% less.” In addition, he accompanies his text with some screenshots from the Ryanair website.

Low cost

Ryanair’s main appeal lies in its extremely low fares, which have changed the way people approach air travel in Europe. The company operates mainly in secondary and regional airports, allowing you to avoid costly landing fees associated with major airports. This strategy of operating at smaller airports contributes to cost reduction, which in turn allows Ryanair to offer more competitive fares.

Ryanair’s business model focuses on efficiency and cost reduction in all aspects of the operation. The company uses a homogeneous fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, which facilitates maintenance and staff training. Besides, Ryanair has been a pioneer in the direct sale of tickets through its website, eliminating intermediaries and reducing costs associated with travel agencies.

Another distinctive feature of Ryanair It is its policy of punctuality and operational efficiency. The airline has implemented rigorous measures to minimize ground wait times and ensure rapid aircraft turnover. This allows the company to maximize the flight time of its aircraft and reduce the costs associated with time on the ground.

If you want to pay less for your luggage you have to write down this trick

In short, Ryanair has left an indelible mark on the history of European aviation with its innovative approach and commitment to cost reduction. Despite criticism, the company continues to be a major player in the industry and has proven that affordable rates and operational efficiencies can coexist to offer more accessible travel options to passengers.

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